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For the Georgia tech geniuses to clear this up this technology is workable portable that said and the dog can there's one which I love with the dog it looks like the ox invoice the dog can touch one sensor and say one thing and and touch another sensor and say another depending on what the dog needs to do and this particular fast once for a dog whose person might have difficulties were they may collapse circle unconscious for five to Wilshire whatever and it's asking for help the dog would touch the nose to this one part of the test that they could easily reached and it looks like that and the dog comes at the person a looks like the dog is saying excuse me my owner needs help please follow me and it happened to be in the southern accent which I thought was thanks for the Georgia tech but and then there are other technologies that they're working on as well for a touch screens dogs only good at doing touch screen technology and there may even be uses in the future for dogs to be able to tell not only if there is cancer in a sample but about how much about about how strong is it by touch screen technology and that uses like a flight or something that might be easier than our what we use on our phones but or even in in the military if this kind of bomb or if this kind of explosive answer it this sounds and so in love that also just in that first technology because I I need to mention if we have a second that can we talk about dogs detecting cancer it's in the work is being done in laboratories around the research centers around the world to fund research centers for the dogs and they don't ever expect dogs to be working in your hospital or with your doctor the dogs are stuck in the direction of finding out what the scent of cancer is they're working the scientists this and says well actually what chemists are working with the dogs to find out what the scent of cancer is there using their technology there are chemical analyses to work with the dogs and back and forth they're trying to isolate the volatile organic compounds that make up different kinds of cancers is there a signature smell of all cancers does that each one has its own and how can we one day have a test where we can or I might be able to blow into a tube once a year and see if there's even early stage ovarian cancer or something seventy nine cancer detection be fast easy cheap and for early stages of heart attack cancer and that dogs are leading the way in this it just it just makes me feel so happy that they are they are doing this and that they're enjoying the work as well now we do have to give a little shout out because other some feline listeners out there you jokingly baby not jokingly saying maybe your next book should be clinician cats well we're not quite there yet but I do have they're pretty good detectors if they decide to be probably on their terms with some notable exceptions there are some highly trained cats out there but they turned out a recent study showed that they have certain olfactory anatomy that rivals dogs in some ways so you know there there may be hope but because cats are cats it may take a long time before I write clinician caps and that they have been documented to warn their own people of low blood sugar there was one cat too repeatedly could tell his person that he had low blood sugar and one day he didn't pay attention to him and he went unconscious so the dog got the girlfriend got this a bit it is like super dog and so yeah there there are also no caps you have apparently told their people that they have cancer so one cat would be nineteen the breast of his person is quite annoying we sell anything with the husband he said you know maybe you should get that checked out and it was breast cancer number maybe it's coincidence there are stories like.

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