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I got a good Lord for this would if Texas loses to Maryland mum need isn't gonna warm up, really to come on your to. There's a, there's a, there's a bad joke to be made there, but I'm too much of a good guy not to make Maryland is in total disarray there. Shambles right now, if if Texas goes up there and losers, I second consecutive year, look at Texas is scheduled coming up guys. Okay. They play Adam Renton birds, mighty USC Trojans week three, the greatest team in college football, so they would definitely lose that game. And then they play PC you at team. They boldly beaten once since TCU joined the big twelve. I referenced this that yesterday, you know what the average margin of victory for. TCU in those games is twenty five points. So I don't know that they would be favored to win that game. They go to Manhattan a place. They never win, Texas never wins in Manhattan. And then they had the Oklahoma game guys. The wheels could fall off the wagon really quickly, Texas loses Maryland. You can give me a chance to answer the question of do I know that imagine a victory because I do I listened to the podcast yesterday. All right, Allie that look at that loyal listener matching let go. The seat will get hot very quickly. Who is it for me? It's coach. Oh, just because then you have a game two weeks later at Auburn. We remember what the last time the last time LSU went to Auburn and they lost what happened to the coach guys. He was fired and I'm not saying that's going to happen with coach, oh, but there would be significant pressure, you know? So early in the year, both on Ed orange Iran, as well as Joe alita, the director, a lot of people in the industry think Aleve might be the first to go. If things are going south this year and then ordure on, but this is a big big opportunity, especially with the change, he made an offensive coordinator, promoting his guy Stevens Binger the guy he wanted all along. You gotta have results with Joe borough, the Ohio State transfer, hopefully the savior for the Tigers on setting records for off. Coordinator hires and still keeping your job, and it's pretty good so far. All right. This is the last one that will do. We'll both give the answer and then after this will alternate outside of Alabama, Clemson, the team I'm most confident in making the college football, playoff is blank. Adam. I can't say USC that clearly by fourth as well. At this point you're all in on him. My third pick was Penn State, which I don't know how confident I am, but I will say this, I think Penn State's getting overlooked nationally. I think when you look at the schedule, especially the the early game against Ohio State a eighteen that are already have played TCU essentially on the road just down the road from TCU's campus. So Penn State gets Ohio State at home. They get Michigan state at home. They get Wisconsin at home. They also have the best quarterback in the conference in trace McSorley the most accomplished, a guy who should be getting more buzz for the Heisman. So my playoff picture a little nutty. And so I guess I gotta stick to them and say, Penn State would be the team. I'm most competent and besides Bama and Clemson. Jake gold with Georgia slave, all like that pick. So the reason I like Georgia look at Georgia schedule, they have one actor LSU loses to Miami this week, and they'll have one top twenty five team on their schedule the rest year. And so I think just by virtue of the fact that they have a cupcake central coming up the rest of the year, I think Georgia's a terrific chance to get in. You know, they presumably would have to beat Alabama in the SEC championship. But I would say that Georgia, if they went undefeated during the regular season and then lost, Alabama would still get in the playoffs. So I like the dogs. All right. Let's alternate quickly. I've made a pledge that we'll keep this podcast under fifty minutes and I'm probably losing losing. We've got three minutes, three minutes. This is not good. Okay. Blank is getting way too much preseason love. Jake Miami, are we sure that they're that good. I like how you kept it. Sinked fill in the blank. Adam Alabama's starting quarterback on Saturday. We'll be blank to tongue vi- Loa I think heat sits time under Mike Loxley..

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