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The crap. What liberals always say when it comes to radical Islam don't blame an entire group for the actions of a few. What is? Is Starbucks doing now blaming all of their employees, or at least the white employees for the actions of one individual classic liberal hypocrisy at it's worst Jeff Kunar Austin's bulldozer? One twenty one here on the great W R K. Oh, okay. My friends Cavanaugh is in and the left is in a rage. Who do you think this benefits in the November midterm elections? And what do you make now of the democrat strategy to call for cavenaugh to be impeached? Maybe even convicted they're going to try to see if they can get charges pressed against them to remove him from the bench is this going to blow up in the Democrats is face six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight who were the winners who were the losers Ron in Lowell. You're up next. Go ahead. Ron. I guess taking my call. Go ahead. Short comment. I think you're you're entirely right about what's coming. You know, the divisiveness is going to be horrible job already. It's already horrible. But this whole class making process was sickening. Are you still there? I'm listening to every word run starry. Why would you apologize? You're doing great. Keep going, my friend. Okay. I'll tell you that. But I I I'm just a short call. I wanted to leave you just for a second. I can't resist because I'm a guy. I gotta give you a little bit of humor. Great, non vulgar. Somewhere in Washington DC right now. Guy. He's from Croatia. His name, Don, Donald Trump elite. Any any any keeps saying the same thing over and over again in Inc. Any many? Yeah. I ha. Let that go. That's all I gotta say the future looks grim. I don't know. Rod. Thank you very much for that. Call though, I gotta be honest with you. I mean, how do I say this, look, I love my country. So, you know, I'm worried that we're this divided as a country and the left is willing to stoop to these kinds of despicable tactics. That but politically I feel very good right now. I think at a minimum this is sold galvanized Republicans and conservatives look I spoke to my wife grace. We're just talking last night. She said, no, I was going to vote. She said anyway, but she goes now, I'm really gonna vote black Malcolm, hell or high water. My whole family is voting big for the Republicans in November. This is lit a fire under everybody. So look, you know, I I don't like to see the Senate office building occupied by rabid left-wing protesters. I don't like zero it's like a banana Republic, I don't like to see a poor supreme court Justice being sworn in and like a pack of dogs. They're literally clawing and scratching at the door. Almost like where wolves to get at the guy. So it depresses me a little bit for our country. But politically, I think the Senate is gonna go fifty four fifty five even fifty six seats now for the Republicans. So which by the way means if baiter Ginsburg has to step down because of her pancreatic cancer, I'll tell you who Trump's gonna nominate Amy Barrett. And she is Colella in ensued pats. She's judge Robert Bork in suit pants. I mean, Kavanagh's nice don't get me wrong. But you want a real constitutionalists conservative a real true blue constitutionalist, it's Amy Barrett, and they don't come any smarter or more brilliant. So Susan Collins may be a no and Murkowski may be a no. But if the Senate goes away, I think is going to go in November will matter. So he'll have the votes to get the number one supreme court pick that we want. Now, you're looking at a six three conservative majority. You think the left is freaking out now? Wait till he puts up Amy Barrett. Now on the house. I it could go either way. A lot of these are swing districts. I mean it now it's going to be a knife fight. So it's gonna be district by district candidate by candidate state by state. So the house is up for grabs. But the Senate I feel very good. And with the Senate, we got another supreme court Justice. If there's an opening six one seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight Russ in Boston, you're up next. Go ahead. Russ. First of all, Jeff, the most important thing that we can do if we want to make a difference. This is for every listener every call up this week. Call just feels campaign send him money and get involved to help him get elected and get rid of that too bad which called Elizabeth Warren. But nothing, but a disgusting troublemaker. This is far as I'm concerned. Jeff, it's gonna backfire on the American loud. Because I hear that seventy five percent of the American people were watching this. And there was no question that if you have any frigging brains at all, okay, you realize the injustice was done it. So at the Justice cabinet that there's no question about it. And the fact is is that, you know, thank God for Trump. And I have to say this Jeff as a practicing Christian. I see Trump as as being delivered from God trend this country around because there's no question that if Hillary Clinton got elected, the American left would have taken over this country, and we would never ever recover from it. But now we have a chance and I'm optimistic because when the truth comes out, no matter how much the media tries to hide it. What Trump is accomplished in a year and a half is president is unbelievable. Okay. And the facts will speak for themselves. Now, the the Republican party grew stones over this issue. Finally, finally, they had the backbone to say, this is Ron and believe me one that's been following the American left for fifty years aiding the Democratic Party and everything else. Finally, finally, they've been uncovered and they cannot no longer get away with what they got away with over the last fifty years arrest. I couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly, thank you for that. Call look let me tell you who I think we're the real big losers. The media. The democratic media lost big the Democratic Party lost big the hashtag metoo movement lost big. But you know, who else lost big the never Trump Republicans. I'm talking about Mitt Romney, George to pay will Jones Goldberg William Kristol breath Stevens who now writes for the New York Times used to be with the Wall Street Journal, all of John casick, all of these it never Trump Republicans. And so called conservatives who said we could live with the Hillary Clinton presidency. But we could never survive supposedly a, quote, unquote, vogue Aryan like Trump that he's so course, so vulgar resold class. We could never survive that. But. Hillary we could survive really imagine. If Hillary had won in two thousand sixteen. Merrick garland would be onto supreme court Scalia seat. There would be no Neal Gorsuch, and they would have been even more radical leftist sitting on the court right now instead of judge Cavanaugh. In other words, it would be a six three liberal majority. That would dominate American politics and American life for decades religious freedom, gone, freedom of speech, gone your gun rights. Second amendment gone. Nevermind rovigo. Wade nevermind abortion nevermind, same sex marriage amnesty for for immigrants, boom. The law of the land. You name the far left wing issue, and it would be rubber-stamped by Hillary supreme court, and you know, who saved us Donald J Trump. You know, what I learned about the never Trump Republicans never trust, the never Trump Republicans. Okay. A lot more my friends, but first Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is now calling the confirmation of breath cavenaugh, maybe the highlight of his career Evan Haydn. Rich has that story..

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