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I think that what one of my favorite things is also the drawback in it's not just said common in fact it's television in general which is that i love being on a series i love playing the same character and see where he's going next week i don't know the writers sometimes tell us sometimes they don't i love that ad i love them mystery of where we're going and at the same time if you last long enough that can become a rut and it become become a danger and you can start to fall into patterns that the audience expects from you but at the same time they start to resent it that's that's they think they want something new um i think the greatest thing that happened was will and grace is that we did ended the way we wanted to and we walked away after eight seasons and we love the finale and that was that and none of us saw this coming and and so you get to remember the the good the stuff we did welded the stuff where the the show really soared and polish out the other stuff and and not get to this and not get to that so i mean i think the danger with sitcom is that you you can play the audience we have i am constant reminding people we have a real live audience there's no laugh track this is two hundred and forty people that have been waiting for weeks to were to see this particular shooting so it's it's something we look forward to but we also have to remember that there are microphones and there were speakers and we don't have to play at like it's a circus if you're just joining us you're listening to queue i'm ali hassan sitting in for tom power and i'm speaking to canadian actor eric mccormick who you probably know best as will truman in the sitcom will and grace you were talking about that that what you did so well on will and grace it's hard to believe would back in the late 90s this will and grace was one of the first shows to feature main characters who are gay not just sort of a gay friend in the background right and went on to become right an elite though the thing was if you look back at those first few seasons they some shows.

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