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There's more to come. And it does put a different twist on what we were told. It does put a different twist on what's there. I still have a major issue with what went on with that poor horse, it was left abandoned in the field, but in what you read, Lucy and what you've heard. How concerned are you about Irish racing and what has come from this? And indeed, Jim bolger's comments as well. Well, there's a number of issues, isn't there going on, but as you said, and I think most importantly, the comment that Jim bolger made when was it in 2020. I think that comment that he made is just, you know, people are not going to forget about that comment. Anytime soon, are they? I think that's sort of remained in a lot of people's minds. The comment that Jim bolder made and this ongoing scenario with. The man story of with Stephen mayhem who obviously it seems like the information he's provided is not being taken seriously. Is that what the article has been written about? It seems as though that seems. I'm trying to read into what Paul kimmage has said to you, but it appears as though we'll pull images alleging is that Stephen Mann passed on information. The information was then either leaked, because somehow that trainer realized they were going to be raided by the Arya or B and instead.

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