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Outages from CPS Irene I have been a taking a look at some of the challenges that are being reported across the city right now we have about forty two active outages as of right now here is a look at the map that's about two thousand one hundred customers affected affected as of right now and if we take a closer look at that map we're seeing most of the areas affected are near shopping park Hollywood park's does stone oak area were also seen castle hills reporting some outages there is well Alamo heights we're also seeing some reports near the last point Lackland Air Force base very few right now only about four outages in that area as of right now but again the most we're seeing so far are in your shopping park ten outages there about eighty five or so customers affected also we're seeing about six six outages near Hollywood park as well so be sure to look out for that will be monitoring the CPS outage map throughout the night we are still waiting for reports of any damage that have been seems so far but we haven't heard anything like that right now but again as Chris was saying this is coming in pretty patchy we've been taking a look at outside and and seeing some areas getting hit really hard the heavy and in some areas barely getting hit so far so Chris we're gonna send things back over to you to see things from your perspective okay thank you very much Irene hill says he would get back over and this is a log from our downtown world car whether camp you looks like the camera is locked it's frozen right now and.

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