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Russell gauge parris campbell. Mike williams john brown from the previous group of beckham antonio brown pittman waddell. Marvin jones hilton landry. Shnell personal preference is what separates them really. I mean i like. I like i was saying early. I i would much prefer deebo samuel to any other names you just said I prefer deebo samuel chase claypool and i think it's reasonable be on either side of that but i the the ones that i have a hard time getting excited about in this range john brown and especially parris campbell and maybe it's just because like i just don't i'm going to have to see it. I after two years of not being able to stay healthy or or playing that. I don't think it's going to be particularly good. Pass offense anyway and it seemed. It appears the best case. Scenario is the third option in the passing game. I believe just for some context. I believe deebo samuel wide receiver. Forty eight for dave. I think that's the point. Where at so these. This is clearly wide receiver for ride wide receiver. Five range so you're talking bench players even in your three wide receiver leagues and i think. There's there's upside with all of them. Like heath i think campbell campbell's probably the hardest to see it with and john brown. I mean we saw it with nelson agholor. I do think. John brown's a better player than nelson agholor. But i don't think nelson agholor did was sustainable last season. My favorite in this group might be mike williams well. Do samuel. But then mike williams. I'm starting to really talk myself into mike williams. He's actually going what's gone poorly no well. They think he's been one of those guys. Who has the ability to be a red zone monster. He showed the ability to be a a high yardage big-play guy and he just hasn't done them in the same season. I don't think they're actually going to use him. As michael as michael thomas of this offense despite the quotes from lombardy but i think he's super talented. I think that could be a really good offense. Settings is a situation where you can get a really cheap piece of what should be very good offense with a guy who's clearly the number two non running back receiver and could just be the number two option. the passing. yeah. I think i think he's likely to be number three but i think he'll tight end targets. Probably go down. I also think this is a good place to start talking about guys like terrorists. Marshall michael hartmann henry ruggs more alive more alive you more and from what adams extensive research research showed us like you get to this range. You're in the double digit rounds. You should only be drafting rookies. And she just grabbed all of the rookie wide receivers. Because we don't ever get good wide receivers after route ten except for rookies. That what my research showed showed. I mean. You should probably probably just dragging quarterbacks at this point anyway but yeah if there were a year to just take shots on rookie wide receivers. It might be this one. We thought it was a good rookie wide receiver class. And you didn't even mention amari. Rogers but i run took more rogers and scott fishbowl. So yeah the rookies will come off the board at this point to all right. It's a fun position. It's a loaded position checkout f f. T. and five We're going to talk about wide receivers there as well. Maybe some things that we missed on this show was an hour and ten minutes. Thanks to dave. Two heath. And chris. I'm adam and we will talk to you tomorrow with tight end of benazir

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