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And saves himself, and I think he was with couples at that point and the everyone thought. Okay, like nominate. Ramsey or something dislike throw somebody up and he ends up really wanted to because he wants to run for Paul. He goes for the person who he believes right now is the person who's closest to Paul, which is Christmas and that sort of impromptu decision much like cody of he was very reticent in doing. So is going to be one of the reasons why Christmas is not second person visited from this season. Yeah. It does earned her some goodwill tearing with America where they vote for her to receive the second temptation. The ring of replacement would be something that would go. Yes. Yes. Yeah and and honestly she was she was a pretty popular. Figure coming in people were expecting good things from her. And even in the early portion of the season, people liked her. They that she was working with Paul, who is still a fan favorite at this point and she was doing well socially. She was paying attention to Josh when everybody else was excluding him. She saw that as an opportunity and used it to get close to him. She was being targeted by cody. Who was this like Alpha? Bro that nobody liked that the time. And so. It was. It was upside down worlds. The upside down was going on in the first week of big brother. Nineteen. Not Be Eleven. Stranger things joke my. Yeah. Exactly. That's when everyone started shaving their heads and sort of bleeding from the nose when Jesse got eliminated, right? So Christmas is. So Christmas the plan is like the couples are going to stick together here and get rid of Christmas, but Paul is able to use that that very limited capital he had in the very beginning to like cobbled together, a group of people to somehow keep Christmas and instill in my opinion. One of the most chaotic week ones in big brother history, and that's the last time Christmas was nominated until she's forced to at the final bray. Okay. All right. So Kelsey, win Christmas ends up breaking her leg. There's a lot of talk in the BBC streets about what's going to happen is she going to be medically evacuated from the game is she is she out? The doctors coming to the house. Constantly to do physical therapy, she's going to end up having to go to the hospital for a procedure and. Very, very controversial at the time she ends up. Even at the time. Probably. Yes. She even ends up voting on fiction night of via telephone from a hospital room. Yes. I. Still kind of confused as to how they let that Halford like how voting from places that are not in the Big Brother House. It's it's still confusing to me, but yes, she voted out Ramsey's i. believe from her hospital bed. I, think they call it the doped up. Topaz where like they didn't people think she didn't really know that she was supposed to like. She almost pull the metal piece in that regard that she didn't know she was voting out rams, but she was so drugged up due to the surgery that she just voted for him. Anyway. yeah. Okay. So tarrant big brother nineteen is just such a mess to talk about. Some of the highlights of the of the Christmas game. I remember she's obviously she has. She's part of the pair with Josh. That's one of the spokes of that. Paul. has these three different payers that he's working with in the house. Ultimately, that's going to be the one that Paul picks to go to the end with. Does. She do a lot in terms of the middle portion of the game. You know, especially in the beginning of the game, she was definitely doing a decent amount she was involved in a lot of what Paul was doing but. Really. Paul Paul directed a lot of the action. Now, I do think there's a big difference between. Josh was doing what Christmas was doing. I. Think that a lot of people we like to criticize Christmas because by the end of the game she was playing almost entirely four Paul. And Not for herself. But she was capable of playing. I think that I think that if you go into season twenty, two thinking, oh Christmas, she's useless. She can't do anything. You're probably going to be underestimating her social ability certainly competitive ability without a broken leg but. She was definitely. A part of keeping. Keeping the V soldiers in line I. Guess you might say. As Paul. Orchestrated the season, she would whip the votes, for Paul. Yeah. She would. She would whip them with words. I. Think what a lot of people remember about Christmas, and perhaps one of the reasons why people turned on Christmas is that she was very agro at points and I don't know again, it's really tough to judge Christmas game because of. It's just a game that you don't know what kind of person somebody is in real life. Well, even like the weird thing was her real life seeped into the game. You know like between the physical trauma breaking her leg and the emotional trauma, the fact that she had broken off engagement and was celebrating honestly of a bit of a depressing way, a broken engagement that she had before going into the house, you should get a replacement. She s she was pulled to shed a donor. Husband. No, but she was. Supposed to get married I, think in August and she ended up breaking off the engagement earlier that year and I remember around that time was when she was just getting very emotional like crying at night in very angry and yelling people during the day, and that's also around the time when she admitted that her heart was fluttering when she would be hanging out with Paul. Yeah. Kelsey. star-crossed Romance Christmas and Paul and completely one sided. Right? Completely one sided and I I feel like outback steakhouse really is pretty powerful. No I do know rules. Outback. Steakhouse. No she she she had feelings for Paul I. I remember that. Are we allowed to talk about the end? Of the nineteen nobody's like you'll even out the good part..

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