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But overall what Nick Mullins did was he played average or at the expected level for an NFL quarterback and against the really really crappy defense and with a coordinator and someone creating off. Offense at the degree in school level to which Shanahan creates the offense. This is what you get. And that doesn't mean that Nick Mullins is phenomenal. It's a fun story. It's a great story. But this is base level offense if Shanahan has a quarterback that can execute. I would agree. I would also add that I think this highlights more. So some of CJ Beathard shortcomings in not that CJ Beathard is not a backup quarterback in the league. I think he's showing that he's good enough to do that. When Nick Mullins did do. Well, I thought was an I think some of this has to do with the fact that he like you mentioned that context that he's a third string quarterback. He recognizes. He's a third string quarterback. Right. These guys they have to go out and sort of make these wild plays. If he wants to keep his job because sort of sticking around on the practice squad and just being affective inefficient. There is never gonna give him the opportunity to ascend into either make the fifty three man roster long-term or eventually maybe not what the forty Niners, but to earn a starting position somewhere. What I thought he did. Well, was he took some risks? Is that a long-term sort of franchise quarterback? Jimmy Garoppolo might not even take the same risks because this sort of half to right? What's the worst that happens with with Nick Mullins if he doesn't play well in the game against the raiders that everybody goes always his third string quarterback Cal Shanahan's working with his backups backup? What could they possibly do? Nick Mullins doesn't have any career starts. He wasn't even drafted. You know, all these reasons for him not to be successful. Whereas when he succeeds, it's, you know, now, there's this national storylines. There's really not a whole lot of loss potential there for Nick Mullins to really rip the ball. In n let it go particularly the throat, George Kittle, which was a remarkable play more. So from Kittles perspective because I think maybe ten receivers whether it's titan or receivers, I think ten receivers may be in the league are willing to actually run over the middle like that in that traffic in space and still even put a hand out to potentially make a catch with what seemed to be sort of imminent contact. But the fact that Nick Mones through that ball is pre PR. Pretty wild. I don't know that there's many legit starting quarterbacks in the league that are gonna routinely try to make that throw. And instead, they might, you know, look look to sort of make the save check down throw Nick Mullins with nothing to lose. Probably not a great decision off, you know, sort of falling backwards, but let it rip nonetheless. I think as you mentioned this was more about what Kyle Shanahan can do with even average quarterback play an average offensive talent aside from George Kibble and his ability to when they recognize or when they play a bad team to just maximize everything in full throttle people..

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