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And I do think that this movie created a noble tone, even though it created a shit story. Yeah. So it's probably the closest thing that we're going to get to all almost recommending so far that I did I'm tipping at green. But I think we're all saying the same thing. Honestly, whatever the color is. We all saw the same movie. And so all I can hope is that maybe it'll improve with the sequel, I'm somewhat hopeful. Here's what I can say is I've never seen the sequel either I knew it came out. But I was so disappointed in this. With the first time. I saw it back in seven. There was. Nothing to make me either want to pick up the game or race out to see another one of the movies. So I'm curious though, it's three D. Could it be better than the original? I'm going to bet that they'll simplify it. I know they're picking up the same story because I know way, see I would just pick new characters silent hill to video games new characters. They're not gonna go back to Lissa and all of that shit. Right. Well, that's the only thing I really know about this movie going in is from when I was just looking at the disks and buying them Rodham Mitchell, and Sean bean or back. Uh-huh. Interesting. Okay. So maybe it's not going to get better. It's just hard. After all these sequels. I'm always impressed when they're like, oh, well, they acknowledged the verse movie existed. This is what I'm not sure that I want more story with these characters. Yeah. I definitely like the story was overdone. I don't need any more on this. But I guess I'm gonna get next week. Meanwhile, if you want more dancing ghouls, we got the spirit remake this Friday four civil level donors, it is the conclusion what we've been building to. And really what I've been waiting all year to see is this remake of spirit that looks at credible. It is the last show in our silver level donation series. So for those of you who liked to wait until you can get the whole series at once you can here are three reviews of the Dario are gentle original three mothers trilogy. Plus the review of phenomena also known as creepers movie that was supposed to be a three mothers film and wasn't and ending with the remake of spirit here. And then next week. We start our goal level. Aries? It's weird. We did platinum earlier, but go level starts next week through Swiss Haley, Joel ause Mott Donnie, Wahlberg the six cents. What a twist. I always loved that comment robot chicken. What? And if you can't donate we completely understand their other ways, you can help this show out. You can tell your friends to give us a listen as we continue in the arcade in two weeks. We're going to perhaps the front of the arcade. The more glorified game that you show from the door Reckitt Ralph it technically not an arcade game. But our Kate Iggy. What I've been seeing on the toy shows they actually did make that game. And they have a little miniature version of that you can buy for twenty bucks. I might have to pick one of those up before we sit down for that one. There's so many more reviews you can tell people about at our website in a couple of weeks. We're going to be reviewing creed too. You can hear reviews of every rocky movie, including the first creed in our archives. Halloween is a much better horror film and silent hill, and we just reviewed that new one two weeks ago, you can hear all of the Halloween reviews last week. We did children of the corn. And you can hear all the children of the corn review. Us every marvel movie every DC movie, so many movies not to mention. Yes, this arcade. Ghetto we have plunged ourself into this year all at now playing podcast dot com..

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