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Because i was avery headers viewer had dealt with no children in some states you didn't qualified all you were considered a healthy though the naval body belt as the term and you didn't have children than you are out of luck no matter how some his advice aufori were in alabama and that in some cases was almost cruel like alabama and this is still the case because they didn't stay on medicaid and alabama you have to be below if you're an adult enabled on adult you have to be below thirteen percent of the poverty line which is like wisely for like thirty dollars a week a fifth it up is almost worse than not allowing it at all because you're just taunting people that her right you're baltica on promoting the idea that they should be completely unemployed yeah well that the other executives steps the britain that you're you're discouraging worship appointing yeah a and uh so yes of the acf it what it said was everyone frost the board one hundred thirty eight percent which is it's like seventeen thousand dollars of dictate growing up further little a single person um and of horror saw thirty one thirty states plus dc did expand nineteen states have not and to to to be clear charles the on obamacare the affordable care act was designed for all states to expand the and the old rise in states having expanded his because that the supreme court ruled that a it's a historical accident in the first place that medicaid is administered by states medicare's administered at the federal level the historical accident would have to get into it but medicaid is administered by the states some states sued we don't want to expand the supreme court ruled that they have a right to say no to the expansion ah.

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