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This is all of it what have you and why see let's talk fashion New York City is in the throes of New York City fashion week the work best with skis me and so far we've seen everything from gold chains to egg carton slippers there been shows from fashion week staples like Tory Burch and splashy events by celebrity designers such as and Diana was currently crushing on HBO's you Florida by the way have you seen it. she's keeping up with Tommy Hilfiger I mean it shows the CBS Sunday morning contributor and host of the interview series at the met call the Italian a with a lean and show where she's interviewed some of fashions biggest names have your wedding there at the met I am on October twenty first come as my looks I love her quick plug you can get tickets by going to my the the link on my bio on Instagram at at the Alina chose so tickets are available the civic auditorium there seven hundred seats so please come let's talk about Tom Ford okay overs chairman for the council if that's a big fire and it's had a big impact on fashion week you know he's got this crazy impressive resume aside from being a designer and working with cheese been nominated for Academy liner award for directing so what does it mean that he is at the helm well I think it means that suddenly you know the world is taking another look at New York fashion week I mean I think historically New York has been an exciting place to show fashion but over the years it's become a little more commercial if you will and less I guess the rap it's been a little less artistic and so some of the more artistic designers have decamp to Paris which is the grandest stage of all but to bring Tom Ford back to bring him at at at the helm of the CFDA which is like the academy range of fashion I'm just means that you know he's already saying I I want you know designers to think internationally I want to shorten the schedule soon so it's no longer you know eight nine days of New York fashion week it's it's five to six days it's been condemned and which is great and I think people are just taking it a bit more seriously you know he means business Tom Ford and by the way I he made quite a splash last night showing at a de commissioned New York subway station that's where he showed his fashion show last night you know people are always trying to do something interesting and new and and fresh and Tom Ford always seems to come up with something. right that's so weird you that was one of you in my questions once upon a time all the shows are under a big tent either at night Stratton west village or in Bryant prior car right now really interesting location Sir Tom Ford and a commission decommission subway station what have been some of the other interesting places well you know Tory Burch showed princess Diana inspired collection Sunday morning at the Brooklyn Museum you know that designers tend to like downtown locations you know I think the the it's it's it's cooler items considered cooler you know Vera **** just showed on. the Trinity place at the old Lehman Brothers building and this morning at eleven I'm either designers are busy so basically for for people like retailers and editors and and reporters like myself it just makes it a little bit harder because you're and either a subway or a new over I in uncomfortable shoes in an inappropriate day outfit like if we're going to visit. running around the city all day trying to get to shows but but listening it it it makes it more interesting one of the most highly anticipated shows was and diet was connection with Tommy Hilfiger that's worked together before why was this one such a hotly anticipated show first of all you know Tommy hill figure for the past seven seasons has been doing something that most designers don't do so so remember I think just for context that when the clothes you're seeing on the runway right now are for spring summer twenty twenty they will be in the stores for another six months what Tommy has done he is he said you know what I'm doing a show for the Instagram age for Gen Z. this is seen now by now so the moment these clothes hit the runway was in dire who has sixty two million followers on Instagram of you know they're available to buy you can click and by on Instagram and I was actually texting with Tommy this morning and said how's it selling you said it's doing great you know so tell me the reason why it was a big deal was because Tommy is a big name and he hasn't shown in New York in about three years he's taken his show on the road with these obscene now by now collections and he's partnered with people like send diet sixty one point seven million followers on Instagram Gigi Hadid the biggest model of the moment forty nine point five million followers on Instagram and these collections are selling out as a result so it was a super smart business decision and Tommy Hilfiger yes he's a designer but he's an even better businessmen and it was initially was held up town and right at the Apollo it was at the Apollo theater yes and you know he's had a long you know a long history with supporting musicians a lot of musicians have worn his clothes over the years and so it was a natural thing he has this love of the Apollo theater so it's a great place for him to show his collection Ashley Graham another model who's got a bit Gillian followers on Instagram is right one of the show yes plus size models Jessica. currently quite pregnant yes is this idea of size inclusivity has it permeated New York fashion week it yet just big thing on Instagram it's such a big thing culturally well yes and no so Tommy showed several plus size model on his runway Ashley Graham being the biggest name. Michael course was the first to do it only a few seasons ago and I remember I was at that show it was a big deal it was a little surprising welcome but surprising at the time now everyone's doing it now does that mean that designers are actually making clothes that are bigger largely now you know you can't go to a department store and and find anything above a size fourteen maybe above a size twelve and you know seventy percent of American women are a size fourteen or above the average American woman is between a sixteen and eighteen and so you know that there was actually something which I went to last week and called the curvy con and was basically a shopping mall set up for only plus size women and plus size clothing and people came from all over the country simply because they don't have anywhere to go to shop and it's really sort of sad you know it's seventy percent of American women why are they being served as also a las business opportunity but leaving money on the table. and so I think they're finally designers are finally coming around to it it's taken a long time my guest is fashion journalist and Lena chamber talk about New York fashion week okay sustainability seem to be a big buzz word yes no how do we see it well I think the way I I explained it to your producer was a lot of people are talking the talk not yet walking the walk yes it's a very big issue right now sustainability who's you know who isn't talking about climate change you know whether it's presidential politics are on the fashion runways however I would say only a few designers are actually walking the walk there was one designer who who I'll be honest with you so newt name escapes me showed all the entire collection one hundred looks with all recycled materials. that's not really happening the largely and I think that that's something that the industry really has to look at you know it's something that Anna Wintour had mentioned she's really watching for on the runway let's hope it happens more in the same way that I hope the designers make larger size clothing. let's talk about trends and what you've seen what it what well what's emerging well you know it's it's first remember these clothes are for spring and summer of next year and so this year there's a lot of color up for spring and summer there typically is more color but what's interesting is that there's more color monks does hikers who don't typically show color so so right so color is a big theme this season I was speaking to Linda Fargo his it was a big way get at Bergdorf Goodman and Julie Gil heart who's a big fashion consultant and they were both talking about color but Julie mentioned something to me just a couple of minutes ago which was interesting and she said you know I think the biggest trend honestly is diversity and she said and I don't mean on the runway I'm mean diversity amongst the designers themselves who are getting the spotlight so brands like higher mas like look Kwan Smith I mean these this is very very important you know we're we're not seeing you know we're we're seeing largely white men designing for a variety of women right across the spectrum and and to see a diverse group of designers is something that we've been waiting for for a long time it's finally happened little little by little who are some of the rising stars well I can only speak for my for your. that's fine okay in my opinion I'm there are a few designers who I really like your new there's there's a at a design house called Kate K. H. A. I. T. E. which is only been around for a couple of seasons but it's it's a design house that has a strong point of view it's well priced for luxury which I relax I like and I appreciate and it's something that a lot of the retailers and the editors are talking about as their favorite brand right now Gabrielle Hearst is a designer she is a Hearst of but she she's she's quite good and she's gone the notice of LVMH the largest fashion conglomerate they invested in her and she was only a couple of years old at that point and so she's really someone that I'm paying attention to and I like very much I happen to be wearing a Gabrielle Hearst dress today thank you with love very much thank you very much. no longer leave with some tears so come from our love how soft and I give you a hug. okay useful sanju holding thank you Greg darted RTO and there's this other designer who is so fascinating I don't know how wearable his clothes. but you know Tomoko Izumi he's a Japanese designer fresh on the scene but someone who is being championed by a well known stylist Katie grand and you know it doesn't have a lot of money remember the shows are expensive to put on some Marc Jacobs actually gave him his uptown store so that he could tell macos in we could show his collection and he showed it on one model who changed during the presentation now is brilliant it was really brilliant and only showed six or seven looks I mean it's all made of tool in our dance and it's all cut the kind of look like cupcakes I guess not again not sure how wearable they are but he's someone who's on the radar of a lot of people including editors and retailers and so on so there is some excitement in New York it's coming back I think anybody surprise you anything surprise you any trend and no not not yet I'll be honest with you I haven't been to as many shows as I typically go to because I was out of town and it was work king. but working on other things but but I'm really looking forward to the next couple of shows tonight as Oscar de la Renta which I always love and I love to Mr DiLorenzo when he was still alive and and so I'm looking forward to that.

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