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Two Rogers the pitch let Mayhew never fouled out of play off to the right and again going full circle. We've talked about it before for the Marlins, pitching a playoff spot last night. In the place. They last played a playoff game. 2003 game six. Josh Beckett. And the Marlins stunning the Yankees win the 2003 world. Siri's 12 pitch and Roger's missing blow it away with a breaking ball to it, too. Shift on playing LeMay youto pull Cooper the first basement way off the first base line and shooting one the other way in a solid, single to right center to sliding stop going toward right center is Brinson on a backhand? And a strong throw in holds LeMay here to a single and a two out base runner for the Yankees. LeMay you two for two as both Yankee heads and before Aaron. Judge steps in will pause. 10 seconds for station identification. You're listening to Major League baseball. On ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Tom Tolbert, Steve Kerr Friends for Life dubs forever. Their weekly conversation lives here on KNBR and KNBR FM's Francisco. With Chris Singleton, Chris Bologna at the studios. Roxy Bernstein with you, Aaron. Judge Takes Ball one inside from Trevor Rogers deejay LeMay You at first base two down. Marlins three Yankees, Nothing bottom of the third inning judge walked in the first inning. Rogers for the belt with one own. Judge takes breaking ball the other half for a strike one and one One ball. One strike on Aaron Judge deejay Let Mayhew the lead at first base. Roger's peers in it, Jorge Alfaro. Jared Cooper, holding with Mayhew on the 11 pitches. Hold foul the ground off to the left 12. Paula two strikes on judge Judge and Stanton trying to get their timing going and trying Get ready for the playoffs, which start on Tuesday. 12. Judge swing and a miss and he chases a breaking ball and he's down on strikes. Fourth strikeout for Trevor Rogers, one hit one left of the Yankees.

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