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Can't make either get a free estimate I remember one night standing in a meadow it use at any time but he can't make either and it was a bitter cold Saturday evening and everyone was into the music everyone was braving the bitter cold but it was a very crisp clear starry night my buddies were there and there are thousands of us there and and and I'm watching John Prine and you could hear a pin drop it was so everyone was so into it I remember turning around looking my friend is sleeping because similarly the mummy sleeping bags my friend mark at the moment is just covered in frost but there we were we were in the meadow and for whatever reason John Prine just still managed to put a smile on everyone's face just such a clever songwriter Sam stone I mean if you listen what angel from Montgomery you know Bonnie Raitt huge huge fan of John Prine if you listen to Bonnie Raitt's doing angel frontman from Montgomery she does a wonderful version of of the John Prine song she loved John Prine is a writer his music like space monkey space monkeys based monkey right bus in the space of a monkeys up in this space great song well here's Bonnie Raitt with John this what a wonderful song with Bonnie Raitt Frank Eric should be Richard mentioned I think was Richard mentioned hello in there by John Prine others John Prine Turner yeah I remember after I saw the first time when I initially went to strawberry was it the first time we are going to start using you thinking what a strawberry strawberry music festival which has been canceled they have a Memorial Day festival Labor Day festival cancel both of them this year I'm very sad because that was in the bluegrass festival also gone those are the things I look forward to so much during the year I can't even tell you by John Prine I will always always have memories of this man right here I love this man's music will play that song hello in there coming up at some point as well but coming up next more your phone calls we'll talk about drop outs and the passing of a whistle blower stay safe its problems as in.

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