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Think somebody here dsb will be greater carrio king at what what was the one for adam schefter belt always maybe her cutlery tips call me behavior that straight there is and you you i've seen that out of yogurt some phones time got one only sexy here that would pull that has shut during that ossoff zoa at that is a that's what adam is doing in a big big was bought lots to get to on why don't we begin this hour with it's time for air the ta whether you like it or not it's just go down all right if we start off the top with the nba and paul george scored only twelve points and shot only three of fourteen from the floor but it was enough as the thunder won his first game back to indiana thanks to a strong game from these supporting cast pay he was booed he was booed when he was introduced as loot every time i expected that were to fight he's the one warning said i'm leaving this team so you may want to get rid of me and they did of of why tell ya he and russell westbrook occur melo avenue the three of them were ten of forty five they shot just twenty two percent uh so a stephen adams who led the way 23 points thirteen rebounds a they got the win that's the most important the george v play while defensively we've got a lot of talk about victor all the depot how well he's played offense of lay in the absence of paul george but when paul george was guarding all the deep older people is just one for seven with turnover so he did well on the defensive event yeah a george russell westbrook income eligible what 34 points by which is very interesting in the the oklahoma city reunion tour are are coming back to our continue saturday when they go to new york to play.

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