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Get some perspective. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. KTAR news on ninety two three FM. For the past couple of weeks. We've been consumed by this story at hacienda healthcare when we first learned about a woman incapacitated, in some way, shape or form that remains to be debated had given birth to a child something that you could not have consented to the search went on. And yesterday. We heard from Phoenix police that they think they got their guy. He is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland Sutherland is a licensed practical nurse who is responsible for providing care to the victim during this time, the sexual assault occurred Sutherland is being booked as we speak into the miracle pecan jail where he'll be charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vinyl vulnerable adult abuse in connection with this crime. So joining us right now in studio dive into this a little bit more is Darren Burridge, former Phoenix police sergeant in author of twisted, but true. Book. Thank you for being here. My pleasure. Unfortunately, you're you're the guy we go to to try to get more perspective on these stories, especially this kind of story because you spent well over a decade on the front lines working with the sex crimes unit within Phoenix police department. Correct. I did. And so you have a different perspective. And I want to get that perspective because we're talking about DNA evidence here, and well, I know that you're not like the DNA expert you've dealt with at a heck of a lot more than we have. We do have an expert that we're working on getting on tomorrow. So folks are gonna let us stick around for that. But the the suspect's attorney said this at his initial court appearance yesterday, and I want you to react to it on the other side. Take a listen, there's no direct evidence that Mr. Sutherland has committed these acts. I know at this point.

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