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The National Guard was there the National Guard opened fire and three students or for students were tragically killed by the National Guard the whole nation was stunned to see the dead white students laying on the grass but a strange thing happened after that the students all went home to mommy and Daddy cut their hair and got a job and that was the end of the riots I'm giving you a fact it's that simple it's that simple you can only push a nation state so far you can only push a city so far and you can only push a population so far now why is this happening now certainly we saw the home side of this poor black man but the violence that erupts after that is related to other things as well such as the psychopathic governor locking everybody in their house like lab rats on the basis of a fall separate Democrats and full separate immunology we all know the epidemiology was all wrong epidemiologist today what meteorologists have always been they're right sometimes they're wrong sometimes it's not a science at all and it this is coming from someone who has a PhD which includes epidemiology as a core factor in my doctorate epidemiology is only a gas you use the best data you have but you gas like meteorologists guess what the weather is going to be tomorrow so the very same fools who guessed wrong told us we have a mortality rate of four or five percent when it's only zero point one percent lock this up in our houses here in California was still locked up in our houses in Marin county one dunce one dunce some so called health chief has imprisoned the entire county Amaran with a very low number of deaths almost all of them in nursing homes destroying businesses like the grim reaper himself you wonder why people are rioting because they've been pent up locked up and the key was thrown away by a bunch of petty bureaucrats and of course of course we all saw a man having a life choked out of him in real time it's something horrible to witness everything in me said the cop is a racist homicidal maniac and he needs to get not the third degree but the first the great is what he needs will that stop the mobs no they want the televisions you see them running in for the baskets of goods like that has something to do with justice are you joking you're telling me that's justice as they're saying on MSNBC that's just this that's a joke and comes down to one line before I solicit your calls looting in the name of justice equals the liberal narrative I'll be right back on the.

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