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Nearly the same guy is the guy you handed the contract to and the salary cap situation becomes dicey so it's not an easy decision because I get why as a ranger fan you would say I want Chris Kreider on this team for the next five years I get it why would you but paying him seven million dollars a year is a lot and that's what the Rangers are gonna have to decide on and I think they will get a good return that I think they'll get and I don't think the way they're playing now or how they play out of this all star break which so far so good is really gonna make that big of a difference because I think Jeff Gordon knows that even if they're making some kind of playoff run he's got a look at the long term vision of this team which is do you wanna come back to the same question do you want to pay Chris Kreider that kind of money are you comfortable giving a contract like that Mike's in port Washington Hey Mike Evan how are you one one I wanted to give you a comment on the asterisk in an answer on the punishment question you're raising on the asterisk going to tell you I think your analysis is wrong it for the following reasons the reason yeah the reason of roles in the reason you punish it well three of the rules two fold one is to punish to determine the conduct well to punish those who do the wrong the other part you want to punish you wanted to take her everyone else in baseball from committing the same infraction the way you are analyzing it is it from the fan perspective you're saying subjectively you want to do the asterisk because you're concerned about what people think that's not what matters the rules there for people with in baseball and that's a ways to my next point which is the answer to your question part of the reason why the players are being punished aside from the union is because or why does the does in management and the managers were punished was because they were on notice right Tory and and MLB met with everybody and said don't do this and they went ahead and did it the players they don't have direct notice to I'm not I'm Scott yeah I'm not letting the players off the hook but I think that's that's really the separation I agree I think you're dead on about that that's what really ticked off rob Manfred that he warned them don't do this they did it anyway but back to your earlier point what I don't understand what do you want then it are you arguing for taking a championship away now you know I don't even thought about the asterisk frankly from a fan's perspective and I'm a New York fan right thank you I really just wanted to put it behind me I wasn't thinking about the asterisk I'm in my car and I heard your analysis and I thought you know what that's making you want to call and I've never called in before but I thought just when you're thinking about it wasn't the right way if you make me think about it I'd say I'd probably lean in favor of an asterisk only because you want to deter others from doing it and it's not so much what people today think about the Astros and it has nothing to do with whether they win or lose next year because you know in every sport pulling off a championship is near impossible and too many variables so if they suck or they're good next year I don't think bears on whether they deserve to win in seventeen or or less do you know what you know what it is it's not I'm not saying that point was in that that's the fairest way to determine it I think that's human nature you know I mean because I happen to agree with you I don't think I'm gonna look personally now I'm not talking about a lot of people I don't think I'm gonna personally look at the Astros different if they win it all this year or they lose ninety games but I give you an example all why I think that does cause people to think a certain way because I think I have evidence of it and that's the patriots so the patriots are accused of being involved in Spygate and I can't tell you how many calls we talk between those accusations coming out in two thousand and seventeen to win the patriots finally one another Superbowl where we would take calls from football fans patriot haters whatever your call football fans who would say this proves things they have in one sense that it was all because a cheat we took so many calls that way since the patriots won their first and now obviously they've won three now the one in twenty fourteen again Seattle which we talked about earlier the craziness that game the comeback against Atlanta and obviously last year against the rams since the one those three you've heard a lot less of people saying Hey Spygate they haven't won since could you can't anymore because they have one six no do I think of the patriots any differently because they won those three super bowls no I still look at those championships they won as legit I still look at bill Belichick as one of the great coaches of all time but I think there were a lot of people out there and I just heard it by taking these phone calls who for years would say Hey guys have you noticed the patriots haven't won anything since spike it came out well then they won three super bowls so for me I think I might have you the twenty seventeen Astros this way they won the World Series but of course I'm skeptical about how often they stole science and how much the benefit how that benefited them throughout the postseason that doesn't mean I don't think of them as world champion I am going to think of them as world champions but yeah when I think of the twenty seventeen Astros one of the things on my mind will be they did a lot of sun still doesn't mean I don't think of them as champions but it's certainly on my mind but I do think then if the Astros with terrible this year and I bet you'll hear it from callers on this radio station if they go out blues eighty five gives you'll hear people say see they can't perform without that the cameras and the stealing of the signs and if they win the World Series look they'll always be people skeptical but I think it does lessen it and I saw that with the way the patriots were treated not it's not a perfect science just interpreting talking to people over the last how many years now toll free numbers eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty.

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