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Been elected president, she would have fired Jim Coney. That's a certainty. Hillary Clinton felt that Jim commes judgment was in error. Comey was in an interesting position where he was trying to bake both sides think he was being objective. But he was in fits and spurts doing various things that took off the cloak of respect we have long given the FBI director. Earned or not. Whether deserved or not. I want you to imagine for a moment. Jim komi? Let's just let's just stop and think about what type of individual Jim is. After being fired by President Trump. There are certain facts in evidence that are not disputed whether you like him or not these are facts. We now know that he gave documents to an intermediary a professor at the university of Columbia to give to the New York Times to leak. Leaking documents to the public. It is alleged that those documents are classified. I think it's pretty well certain. But let's just say for the sake of this argument. So there's nothing I say that's in question today. It is alleged that those documents are classified which would make that a crime. How in the world is a major law enforcement officer like that going to engage in that kind of behavior. Now, this was done after he was fired. But doesn't it tell you something about his character? Since then he's profited from a book. And he's also gone on record as urging Americans even though he's supposedly a Republican. To vote for Democrats. So he's injecting himself into the political process. He's also a close friend longtime associate colleague of Mueller, very men can conducting this investigation. Andrew mccabe. His wife was running for the Senate state Senate in Virginia. She received a massive influx of cash. A massive influx of cash from Terry McAuliffe. The governor. He personally directed it. It's not open for dispute seven hundred thousand dollars worth McAuliffe was under investigation by the FBI at the time for dealings with the Chinese that had not been disclosed. You'll never guess who is leading the investigation into McAuliffe Andrew McCabe. Mc. Mccabe wife gets seven hundred thousand dollars directed to her for a single state Senate seat. That's unheard off. That's a princely sum. That's a miraculous amount of money for him to have directed toward her. And then you'll never guess what happened to the investigation in McAuliffe and mccabe's wife still didn't win Krief not only that corrupt during competent. Mccabe would be. Sent packing in disgrace. Bruce or and his wife. Who was involved with GPS, the very firm that was involved with the dossier and the disgraced former British spy? Or all the while not telling what was going on. But sitting in on all these meetings. And then there's the real doozy. There's Peter Strauss. Remember, the one preened in front of congress? And his lover Lisa page him with the FBI her with the DOJ. So many tweets so many texts between them. That we once figured out if you just stuck to the eight hours is workday per day because you have to assume when he got home to his family. He didn't texture all evening, but maybe he did. We figured out. It was something like a text every twenty seconds and in in-between the sweet nothings he was sending his lover Lisa page while at the department of Justice. He was talking about the insurance policy that he had against Trump. So let's put these pieces together. This is not exactly conspiracy theory one oh one these are facts in evidence. That not to see their relationship would be blind. We know that Strasbourg texted his lover Lisa page. They were both working to kill the Hillary Clinton investigation. And to bring down Trump. They hated Trump. They loved Hillary. They texted that back and forth. They wanted to bring down Trump. They wanted to defeat Trump using their office, which is an abuse of power. They should be investigated. Not trump. Those two individuals Strasbourg writing about the insurance policy he had against Trump to bring Trump down. Are these the individuals who were involved in making the decision that may be Trump's a tool of the Russians? Do you realize that decision was made without any congressional oversight? That decision was made without any presidential authority. 'cause you can bet Obama's never going to admit that he had anything to do with that. Can you imagine decisions like this? What protection do you or I have? From the FBI. If the president himself. Can come under investigation by the FBI? If they can investigate the president without a single complaint being filed without any credible evidence. Just a sneaking suspicion that that guy. They don't like. Might be a stooge of Putin. If they can do that to him. Who can they not investigate? I think the speaker of the house has even the slightest chance. He doesn't have all the legal team and everything around him to protect him. You think the Senate majority leader? What about a single Senator? What if they wanted to bring Ted Cruz down, Iran, Paul or Mike Lee? Mitch mcconnell. What if they wanted to bring the secretary of state now? We now know based on from the New York Times of all places. That not based on a criminal investigation. Not that he'd done anything wrong. They just decided maybe the Russians have got hold of him. We're going to go in and vast a gate. Based on that investigation. They very carefully in deviously leaked.

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