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I don't know once again for Paul Harvey you I just makes me laugh every time I think about it there you will hear that on the rest of the story but I guarantee you when history meets mystery you'll hear a great episode tomorrow morning and if for some reason you didn't realize how huge Paul Harvey was I think most of you did because there's been a huge reaction to it running on Bob Sirott show eight thirty tomorrow morning but there was a time back in nineteen eighty four when Barbara Mandrell had had a horrible car wreck and she was hospitalized a long time and it took her months to recover from the injuries it's just horrible but it happened she was gonna be appearing at the Kansas state fair and she had to cancel that because of the accident and KPI in Wichita radio station there put together the world's largest get well card and it was a listener type promotion promotions probably not the right word but listener involvement we got thirty six thousand signatures and tons of cards and all this and next thing you know carefully I get a call from American Airlines and they say you know we heard about your promotion and we'd we'd love to free of charge fly the entire display to Barbara Mandrell at our home in Nashville and they said well what word you hear it and without a beat the the guide American Airlines is almost complete says the questionable won Paul Harvey's show of course where else and you know that was the that was the power of Paul Harvey so you'll hear it tomorrow morning eight thirty right here on WG and and we'll pick it up with the Jack Welch story and Terry and you and Steve Bryant three.

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