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Deal are never got as much love deserved always awesome and we always appreciate it yeah i i'm a power god i love multiple programming languages and that's actually what brought me to the sealer are in the first place is the idea that all these languages could mix together i have no problem with that okay but limitation in zaman irs has always been reflection emit does not work it just throw the next option not allowed to do it again that's comes back to we're not allowed to code we're not allowed to dynamically execute code that said you are allowed to interpret code and so all this work in getting the interpreter powerful enough to run web assembly is going to be turned toward i s so they'll be able to win you reflection admit bron with the interpreter so that all that stuff works again and it turns out oddly enough the interpreter is stupid fast it it can actually outperform some things that are actually compiling down right now and code can outperform them weird things like virtual template methods and stuff crazy stuff dot net the edge cases but the interpreter can actually plow through that stuff quickly through shooting yeah it is really cool a cool place libanan just added links to iron python an iron ruby and so exciting to see iron python literally got at implementation two point seven eight in february this year poor darn ruby has not in twenty eleven now i wasn't actually share the status of macho home well you know it's got a website.

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