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Breakfast care to who did it the sneak attack the master of sun Suu himself carves? Your pale it up every time. But yes, it's Cap'n crunch and kind of just out of nowhere dropped to new cereals onto shelves while everybody was worried about all the other big name stuff. He doesn't really seem to have a knack for advertising. He just kind of put it out there and let the public decide it's the first one is strawberry shortcake crunch, and of all the things that I wouldn't just expect to guess a cabin crunchy area would taste like it wouldn't have been this. And he always seemed to be really good at picking the thing. That's right next to what you would guess because we had the the blueberry maple pancake crunch not too long ago. And now, we got a different sort of cake here with strawberry shortcake. So there's two different pieces in this one. He's kind of ditching the traditional chess here replacing them with almost like fruit. Loops is loops and also the red puffs alongside it and the loops are like orange colored. So I mean, you would guess that the berries would probably be strawberry flavored. But the only person who I've seen actually tasted. So far also has admitted that they haven't tried crunch berries before. So they can't really compare them. I could see the the rationale behind the shape change because if those were biscuit share or chest shaped, I've heard this chess shaped, it would look just exactly like. Captain conscious countries will choose so. Yeah, I'm assuming that they at least changed the reds fears to actually tastes like strawberry. But it really makes me interested. If the loops are meant to taste like shortcake, the honestly it looks delicious. I think that this looks like, especially if they get a berry, you mentioned in the post if they bring more strawberry flavor to it. I have recently become fixated on the idea of of. Crunch berries. That have a wildberry fruit loop flavor. I really love to experience we haven't tried while bear fruit. Folks, it is out of control delicious. How do you think those would fare with shortcake pieces because I'm seeing a lot of potential with those. I think that you've described an Uber cereal that against which all other cereals must be judged. But this isn't the captain's only sort of like sneak attack that he's launched out cracked. No, he's also releasing poops all shortcake. No. But now it's something a little bit. More classic than that. It's Kevin crunches chocolate berry crunch, and it really appears to be sort of branded under a Valentine's Day, at least color scheme. But it's really weird in this case that next to strawberry shortcake year that we have this one that you would think would be like chocolate covered strawberry. But they really blatantly admit here that these are just crunch berries with chocolate. A combination of two old flavors because treasure chest is not new right? It's actually not even out anymore. It got really bad reviews that I kind of agreed with and it disappeared a few years back. Had some extra sell. Yeah. Honestly, the only way to get out of house. Maybe they should just melted it and covered the berries. Instead that would have been innovative product pay for. I'm assuming we'll see a full court press of this as we get a little bit closer to Valentine's Day. Oh, absolutely. Yes. The shortcake is already been spotted in mega bags at WalMart. And I believe chuckling Barry has been seen in normal boxes at some smaller chain grocers. I like foreign new serial thirty four ounce of bags such gigantic commitment. Oh, it really is. I mean, you at least can get maybe a pillow out of it. If you don't like it or a pet bed, but I've definitely been in that place where the back half of the bag went stale and bag flavored before I could get there. Now we hear on the empty bowl. Don't just speculate about what we think cereal might taste like although that would be a fulfilling way to spend Wednesday evening question, but we also can speak authoritatively to the real flavor cereal tried. I was very excited, Dan, if my preempt your order that you have here on our list, I was very excited to try for my very self the. Cinnamon toast crunch. Sure odes. Yes. Which tastes and it's very fulfilling..

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