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Tough spot. The Laura Laughlin and her husband. Cheated to get their daughter into USC last week, the hallmark channel said they're not going to be canceling the show that Lori is on on the homework network. But her co stars continue to say, yeah, we were she put us in a tough spot. Are you? Okay with. No, I'm not okay with this at all. Because nobody would even know these co-stars if it wasn't for Laurie Laughlin who got put in a tough spot here. Laurie Laughlin because she's going to have to go to jail probably put in a tough spot here and her daughter her daughter now is upset saying nothing I didn't even want to go to college. You've ruined my life by forcing all the stuff on me people were giving me death threats. But in terms of her co stars on some show. I don't even know when calls the heart for you. Hallmark fans, maybe that show rings a bell. I have no idea about anything on this network. But if you're a hallmark stall star buying just popped up. Just a little bit. You wouldn't have this gig. You wouldn't have a paycheck. If it wasn't for Laurie. And the networks said they're keeping the show. So why don't you just take a step back? And and I totally agree. Laurie Laughlin daughter. I didn't even want to go. You guys put me in this position. I had my own sponsorships. I had my own following on social media. I was making my own money. And you guys were the ones that thought it was important for me to go to USC are U USC. Yeah. But what she had that job. If it wasn't for her mom, pulling the strings, all you got a modeling.

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