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Your husband the guy that worked so hard bobble blah the the king to you to your king by him this and then like the them saying there. It's it can be just a little different. It's usually just a matter of the tone shift or the example you use whether it's content or ad copy as far as like What's who you're talking to. Gotcha yeah because if you have like eighty percent women. It's easier to tell you like you know when you're a mom driving. You know all these kids around. You're so busy you need. That's why you need You know this morning star law brand. You know what i mean because you know like i'm gonna hit this ad target four women four mom's etc right so from there you go into income. Biggest part of this is just understanding Who can afford you if you sell a ten thousand dollar Coaching program again. As an example you may want to set income brackets because someone who who's barely making thirty thousand a year may not be able to afford you or that may be their entire life savings that they've been working up to and like if you can't absolutely one hundred percent guarantee a return on that investment. You might have taken ten grand from somebody who just can't afford to do that right now. You know what i mean so like i always say business. Keep it ethical. You know like. I understand the ten thousand dollars a nice check for you to cash. But you wanna make sure that you're not hurting your business. In the long run by you know screwing people over or taking too much of their time or money when you know that you can't effectively help them. That makes sense but if you have like a twenty dollar product someone who makes thirty grand a year. That's not necessarily a big deal to them. You can still sell to them and it may not matter vegas good and then they're just two more location than language obviously is important to understand. You know who you're selling to where you're selling it not only from a language barrier standpoint but can you actually ship to them or do you have any wave your contents resonate with what they're experiencing a sort of like the little joke i had over here. What about sunny hawaii like. But if i saw a a a a north pole what is that. North face right northeast. Yeah i'd seen one of those jackets. New might be more inclined to buy that. Brian but i would definitely not be because i'm like now on good. I'll put on a long-sleeve shirt instead of tank top or something and i'll be good right and then finally it's interest and this is just going off of what is relevant to your audience if we go with that yoga thing Instead of just targeting people that are into that have yoga memberships. You could start to experiment a bit with your your ad targeting or the copy you have Or the content. You produced by talking about meditation as an example. You know like figuring out what sort of different interest levels. They might have or things that they are interested in is another way to not only make your dollar stretch further but give you more content to talk about so if we go back to that example about moms. If they're a mom obviously they have children so if they have children. It's easy for you to talk about some common things like children making mess. Not picking up after themselves. You know playing in mud When they were a baby they pooped all over. You like whatever you know like things that you have that you can experience speak to. You can talk to them and suddenly. That's triggering these memories in dust and emotional response and they're going like wow. This person understands me. This person are resident with this person..

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