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Randomly Hey Everyone. Welcome to quarantine probably science again. I'm cushion here. We are here we are. We're still recording via skype. So when we get onto the actual main guest the audio quality will be a little bit patchy than we used to. We working out ways around right now to do three way skype. Kohl's that are recorded each individually at each end and Clara So you get better sound quality but in the meantime this is a bit of a makeshift system. Hope you're with us. Our guest for this episode is professor. Barry See Fox. Md He is both a medical doctor and a professor of infectious diseases and we found him because he is one of the course lecturers at courses plus one of the things I did. When this whole thing started was to look on great coaches and find out what they have in the way of infectious diseases courses and he the guy who teaches the class on this And so we reached out to our friends at the great closest plus the people who set up the sponsorship that they do with US said. Hey you could get in touch with this professor and see if he'd be willing to come onto the show and he said yes. So that's what we have and I hope you enjoy this corona virus. Special this episode with Dr Barry Fox. Yeah and I think we'll try to put more frequent episodes especially if they can be topical in this way because obviously everything's changing day to day so we'll get this out quickly and since everyone's skyping as well we love and all of our various comedy friends or a home as well. It's easy to organized logistics. We just I hate you. Fast hopping on skype right now and doing an episode with us. So hopefully we'll be a few more with our friends who normally too busy and successful to easily access levels level. The playing field a little bit. Didn't it would kinda got. It is all of our friends at currently sitting there looking for things to do. So we're going to hopefully bring us more episodes. Give you some stuff to listen to and enjoy well. You are also setting on your respective houses in your respective homes If you've got We'll do some regular episodes as well just recovering known corona virus stories And we're going to try and do some special episodes where we go into the specifics with various experts and people who have direct knowledge or information So this is one of those. This is Dr Barry Fox who is a professor of infectious diseases and and a practicing doctor and one of the lectures on the greatest plus And if you want to listen to any of the old watch any of the other..

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