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Give you one one more guy. The guy who upgrades with the twenty two inch rims, but doesn't upgrade. The county doesn't do the Cowper the road or anything else. Now, the mo- the rotor. So I what you do. It's a car came with eighteens. But now you've stepped it up to like a five spoke twenty two and there's nothing but daylight coming through those spoke. Yeah. So wide open window to your rotor and your kalpa. And now they've been dwarfed by the size of the ram and it's yellow. Yelling. So the bottom of the line. So just just Brembos range. You got a forty caliber sorry, forty thousand dollar proximity for focus on one one in toward the bottom. And then at the top you got the law Ferrari at well. I don't know what they retail for you. Gotta get in line. Yeah. Maybe. Million. Plus. Yeah. Can't win for one seven, but they're trading for three five or whatever. So it's kinda hard to figure out the exact price. But if you bought if you if if if the if you were fortunate enough to let the factory saw fit to sell you a one find out max, Pat law Ferrari, not at the last week them auction not what Sammy Hagar's asking for his on bring a trailer. But what is the factory price for law? Ferrari, if in fact, you're on the short list of people who could bide I think, it's one six one seven. Yeah. Something like that. But I'm just going to go ahead and bump it up and called the three to four million dollar car because that's what they trade for. Yeah. Now, if you want to focus, you probably they probably would sell you that there's probably not a list is probably not there was markups. On those things they are s came out. Yeah. It really was a fun car to drive. Yeah. We drove one here too. It was kind of fun to do at Sima we were talking about. And we were talking about the the new caliber, you have very sort of organic looking and kind of cool, but the PRI show is sort of like the racing version of Sima. It's coming up in like a week or two two weeks next week. We where is that heading to Indy? Do is so cold terrible. Cole that show. No matter what it can be forty five fifty degrees in Indianapolis one day before that show. It always be lines to negative ten degrees. That's it like people from here go there. And they're like I want my doing. But everybody says the PR is pure is such a great show. It's owned by Sima. And they they do that obvious, right? Used to have to racing shows. You had one in Orlando that was like about three or four weeks before the Indy show, and then you head PRI Indy. And they company bought it combined the two, and of course, where would you choose right in the middle of the winter, India's one point five says maxa paneth there's about a two million dollar Mark up on those bad, boys. What? Caliber performance racing industry. Yeah. Something like that. It's a fun show. It's a it's a neat little show. It's not what you sometimes. Thank you. You see a couple NASCAR guys running around there. But this is all of your grass roots all the way up to just below probably, you know, the super pro series like NASCAR something like that. And so a lot of spec miata stuff there like that kind of stuff there's anything and everything that you would want a race car driver for your car. Whether you're just a guy driving with no number or all the way up to a semi pro racer. And there's quite a few profession likely are comp cams booth is a little different at PRI than we see at at at Sima because now they're focusing more on maybe custom Cam profiles for some things that are more attractive to the racing community and track racing road racing. All types of racing. It's a little bit more that side of it, which is kind of cool..

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