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We cover every horse in every one of these major stakes races, Mike, diversify four to five on the morning line and deservedly. So we'll get to him in a minute, but I want to talk a little bit about Mendelson who burst onto the scene this year with his win in the UAE derby. A lot of folks thought gold rail, aided, speed bias, aided you one by one hundred. He came in North America. He bombed in the derby. It was at least nice to see him get back on track last time out in the Travers. Yeah, I guess that that is true. When you go back to that you a derby wary, obviously just had everything goes own way and. Was really impressive. Winning as time has gone on since that rates starting to look a little bit more and more dressed up off that race, but it was nice to see him come back in the Travers. We'll look at the replay of that race right now. Then he bounces back with a more respectable effort. Here. He showed his speed which feels like that's the real running style. He wants to employ. He wants to use his speed. He got to the lead and he's just no match for Catholic boy in the stretch here. A lot of ways. Yes, he took a step forward in here, but he also had the run of the racier Dan, he's no match for Catholic boys. Gonna plug on for second. I don't know. This race didn't really do a lot to turn me around on this. I just feel like he's way to toughen arrays like this. Now you mentioned that they like to use his early speed. The problem is he's probably not as fast as the horse to catch and the horse to beat. And that is last year's jockey club, Gold Cup winner, diversify who certainly has not lost a step this year. He's been awesome in his last two, just stretching fields out from start to finish. Yeah, there's no doubt about that. I mean, he was good win in this race last year where he just got to the lead and he held off a couple of pretty good horses at the end of the. Of that race, but he's just come back and he's been even better this year. His last two races in particular are really, really strong. They're legitimately good and fast performances, and both times if feels like they've taken it to a new level with him, I read or tease just lets him role from the start. Let's look at the Whitney right now. This is sort of career defining win for this horse right now. He just went right to the top. And here he went off fast pace from the start and just ran this field out of the race. And you see him still going here over that sloppy, track his win to back over a mile. Gordon suburban same thing, then blasted out of the gate random out of the race held onto the end. He's in career best form right now using career best form. He was unfazed by that long delayed due to the weather. You see that track is soupy big delay, no sweat for diversify. He's the one to catch. She's the one to beat. I'm hoping that Mendelssohn tries to run with them early because I'm going to take a little stab against with thunder. Snow and thunder. Snow might be as dressed up as Mendelssohn by virtue of his win on the Dubai World Cup the same night that Mendelssohn won the UA derby. He was able to get to the lead. He got to the rail and he kept on going. Let's watch the stretch run of the Dubai World Cup showed his speed to stretch out the field turning into the stretch, and he is just much the best over west coast in a pretty decent group thunder, snow while perhaps dressed up by this performance. He has some other races on dirt and Dubai that are pretty good winner of the UAE derby. He's on fortunately, best known for the antics and the Kentucky Derby last year rebasing just refused to run and that's thunder snow. He's a bit of a quirky horse, but I'm hoping Mendelssohn is the horse that shows at least a little bit of speed and tries to push justify, maybe under snow can sit. Third, he's got some good races on dirge will be an okay price, small stab with thunder, snow over diversify, Nicole, Rousseau's pedigree, pick on the jockey club. Gold Cup undercard it's race. Number five. It's a maiden race with some salty pedigrees and Cole's. Got all the info..

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