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John McDevitt coming up right after traffic and weather on the Jews sponsored by Martin law Hey Sam yep peril if they have a couple of action is now ninety five is the one you were talking about this brand new itself down unfortunately protein academies spin out left lane is blocked couple cars involved here police still arriving on the scene in a van it gained it is really backed up here south on ninety five quickly backing up approaching academy the other accident was in the past half hour or so north on ninety five approaching academy left lanes still blocked there but a minor delay please slow it down the road still slick from the west wrote some rain yesterday and earlier this morning looking good on other majors including the Schuylkill expressway I said into the neighborhood the number problems from the overnight upper hand over six sixty three kings road just below green lane route twenty nine accident lower Moreland Philmont just below Byberry accident that's off the side Lansdale wells road above or build or villa accident off to the side stump hall road is blocked in war Sastre at green hill road downed tree and wires bunch of problems in Chester County will hear full update from Taman coming up in a few minutes but a couple things in Devon old legal school road is still blocked between upper Gulf imbue wrote this down tree on wires also in Emeryville serious accident within the hour for one sixty two it's Emeryville road north of route eighty two card tree there everything else okay we're moving again the Burlington Bristol south bound ship in the Delaware high tide in the Delaware River at the Brooklyn circle and it flooded out smaller vehicle should avoid mass transit everything running the scale back its schedules and courage ing essential travel only Martin law wrote the book on workers comp in Pennsylvania call.

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