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The mortgage is paid. Soft. You spent just two and a half months at the IRA before she published her investigation in the local newspaper conclusion that will with Bangladesh. The Fabrica truly trophy was a Kremlin administration project run by a shadowy local restaurant tour named Yevgeny precaution. Now that name may sound familiar. Precaution is also known as Putin chef and he was placed under US sanctions in two thousand eighteen for what American officials say was a coordinated attempt to interfere with the US elections. But that that would all come later, even before the local troll exposes spread into a full blown international scandal, south juke shifted to activism lecturing on disinformation and trying to name and shame participants in the troll farm. Yep. Stability commission released start seriousness. Yeah. I like journalists only one further she even sued the IRA in a Russian court in two thousand fifteen. Eighteen winning the symbolic one ruble victory over the troll farm for labor code violations. More importantly, the court ruling brought the work of the internet research agency out of the shadows and into full public view. Meanwhile, sobbed you continued to publish your thoughts on countering disinformation to remain online outlet her Facebook feed, which is where subjects already weird story. Takes an even weirder. Turn after returning home from a conference in Washington DC last November, she found her Facebook account inexplicably blocked one month, two months, then three days need besides bass the episode Vosper repeated attempts to restore her account verify your identity with her passport went nowhere until finally mid-february boom without an explanation. Her profile was back. Now, why this happened is still a mystery. We reached out to Facebook for an explanation, but they haven't responded Nash said nice here. Subject thinks IRA trolls may have flooded Facebook with. Complaints about her account beat me now. It's just an daughter. Another theory sobbed Chook was swept up by Facebook's campaign to weed out fake Russian troll accounts. Facebook has touted those efforts amid increase congressional scrutiny after the two thousand sixteen election, and some western media outlets have mistakenly identified soft yolk as eight former troll either way subject says, she feels burned by the experience. This is what no good then I thought I was doing something to help Facebook. I was working was online propaganda including Facebook and win. They've locked me. They made it. So I couldn't do that anymore. Meanwhile, the stress and online isolation have taken a toll south shook doesn't hide she had a breakdown since blowing the whistle on the IRA. Goodness, Neue rancher, blah that guy is while she doesn't regret taking on the fight this troll slayer. Now, thirty seven is no longer convinced. She can win BC museum. But even though he was indicted by Robert Muller's investigative team last year, Putin chef is doing just fine soft you notes, but what quoted designed precautions media empire and government contracts continue to grow. Voce turnover contracted despite or maybe because of attention from the US good things. Keep coming precautions way for the world. Charles means Saint Petersburg..

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