Of the Books Eric Has Written, Which Is His Favorite?


What has been your favorite book that you've written in your career? Which one has brought you the most joy, well, okay, that's hard to say in some ways it would be fish out of water because I had to call my parents up almost every single day to ask them questions like when we did this who was this and what was this about and there was something really kind of just, I don't know, fun is a good word for it. It was sort of writing, I always say this, writing is hard. You write, I write, writing is hard. I find writing to be really hard work, writing a book is hard work. But there was something about writing fish out of water that there were elements of it that it really was fun because a lot of the stories are very funny. And so it's a joy to write a true story from your life that you know was funny and if you communicate it effectively, it will make the reader laugh, but I would also say that my Martin Luther book was similar. There was a certain joy in writing parts of that book because Luther was such a madman in the best sense. And there are kind of funny stories about him. And then there's funny stories about the people around him. I mean, but the intense corruption of the late medieval Roman church. You just want to fold down from horror and laughter. Could it really have been this bad? Some of it is just so anyway, there's some comical portions, so there's a lot of that in the Luther book. So in some ways, I would say that about my Luther book that I think it would be a fun read because when I wrote it, it was some of it, I was dying myself writing it.

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