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And 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Pink red 1 15 George Wallace. Major changes for NFL football around here. Yeah, Mark no doubt about a dance center once said he would never never in capitals changed the name Well, he's now going to change the name. He is officially going to retire the Redskins name and logo upon completion of the review, which was launched back on July 3rd, so it will be official. The new name is yet to be announced. Who knows when that will be, But the league and I wanted done quickly, and we'll see how quickly they can get it done with training camp supposed to start at the end of this month. You're released from the team earlier today, says Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera, working closely to develop a new name and design. Now, the reports are that the preferred name is being held up trademark issues right now, so we'll see how quickly that can get resolved. Then, if there will be an announcement later this week or even early next week now bet online Web site has some of the favorites to be the new name and the red Tails is the leader in the clubhouse with 3 to 1 odds, followed by the generals, Warriors, presidents and red wolves, now red wolves and warriors and read along with red tails, beginning a lot of traction on social media in the last few days, so AH, stay tuned. The capital's begin their Phase three training camp Today D C. United ties, Toronto FC at the MLS is back tournament. Down to 10 men and down two goals. They tied it up in less than 10 minutes and Rockets guard Russell Westbrook says he has tested positive for growing virus..

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