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Here's a whole bunch of video game stuff? That happened reason. Microsoft might the thinking about buying WB? Games, we might learn about park. Christ six soon, and it might feature actor Giancarlo Esposito and a major role. I've said the work might six times already started? Valley's Creator teases a big update and director Ryan. Johnson made a pok. Mon Go commercial. Microsoft is rumored to be showing interest in buying the Warner Brothers Gaming Unit I reported recently on the fact that at and T. The parent company of the collection of Warner Brothers Game Development Studios that make up the Warner Brothers gaming arm of the company might be going on the market so to speak. At and T. is considering selling it, which has all kinds of implications, the main one being it could mean rock steady. The super talented developer behind the Batman or games might end up with a new home or mortal combat might end up with a new owner as well. It seems Microsoft may be an interested party game spots. Jeremy Winslow reported on Microsoft's potential intention writing according to business news publication, the information to people familiar with the situation, said Microsoft. SCOOP UP WB Games the studio responsible for publishing games like Batman. Night Middle Earth Shadow of war. Mortal Kombat eleven and others. A sale isn't imminent. According to the people as a t and t is still weighing how to handle. It's one hundred fifty four billion dollars in debt. This debt comes from the two thousand eighteen acquisition of Time Warner. Now known as Warner Media, which includes companies. Companies like crunchy roll DC comics. H. B., O. W. Begins, and a host of other subsidies that story is linked in the show notes supposedly activision, blizzard, electronic arts, and take two interactive have also expressed interest, but right now this is all conjecture and here say it's not even fully confirmed that WB Games will be for sale than the future with all that being said however I think. Has the most potential in terms of actually going through with the sale. They've been buying up studios a lot lately, so I think they would be really excited to have rock steady under their umbrella. I think they would be pretty jazzed about owning mortal Kombat to, but dat feels unlikely to me, or at least it seems unlikely to me that Microsoft would make mortal Kombat an xbox exclusive. That's. That's one of those Ip's that really benefits from being on all platforms, and I think people would be really bummed if it became an exclusive, and then alternatively, maybe at all just stays with at and T. and nothing really changes which I totally see happening to the main thing I want is for rock steady to just keep. Making Games doesn't even have to be Batman or DC Games. I want them to keep making single player stuff with

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