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Start the season. We'll get into the news. John bossa cure second. But if you're not if you're taking Bush out of the equation, you're not talking about Devon Bush, Michigan which other draft picks the any of the other eight there were selected which player. Do you think you have the biggest impact this season? I love to hear what you think. Let me let me take a look at this and terms of process of elimination. So we're gonna limit Devin Bush. We know Devon Bush is gonna either start or plants up packages. If you go to the third round in terms of Deontay Johnson, Justin line, you look at the Cornerbacks the top record backs, of course, going to be Nelson Hayden, and you know, the nickel hill, Mike, he'll Hilton the nickel corner. So those three guys will get a majority the bulk of the snaps in Ecuador. And if you mix into safeties to starting safeties those are going to be principally your five defensive backs may be barren flexes as the big nickel. Excuse me, a bit corner not a big corner, but a big safety in dime. Those will be your six defensive back. So I don't think jus-. Lane will be a part of that mix and terms of changing things the onta- Johnson. I think the wide receivers are kinda set of you look at the depth chart of the wide receiver position. I think Deontay Johnson could be a return guy maybe somewhere there. So I don't think he's going to play a ton of snaps. We look at the six rounders the edge Sutton Smith bugs list, Gilbert, those are just roster filler type guys endure when gray I don't even know if he's gonna make the roster. I'll even know of all the six round picks will make the roster. So that leaves Binny's snail is that gentry in of those two I think it'll probably be binney snail. I think Benny snail given fact that you only have two solid running backs right now that have contributed. I think Benny snail could slot in there and be a backup to the Terminator and get decent amount of reps and a decent amount of snaps over the course of the season. You could see him. Being a red zone guy getting reds on touches because he's a big physical runner. So I think Benny snail of the draft picks will have the most -nificant impact outside of the number one draft pick in Bush. Yeah, it interesting because last I asked the same question today, even Brian on our show after the third round. I'm sorry seventh-round day three had wrapped up and we all had different answers. Brian data said he thought Justin lane because he he figured that. Joe Haden would probably get hurt at some point. And he didn't think that Artie burns or Brian Allen or Cameron sudden would be a head of Justin lane as potential player. He likes him a lot. He thinks he would get on the field. Make an impact Dave's said Dante Johnson because he thinks there is a spot for him on this team. I went same with you. Benny Snell junior because as great as James Connors first real season as the starter was he has yet to play a full sixteen game. Slate. And I know you mentioned how he's good, but he's got to say healthy, and Jalen Samuels, he's has a small sample size. But in this in that time, he did show some promise as a view Tilleke guy versatile player that can play the slot can play as tight end even in h back to run the ball. Well, and then you had any snow who's a completely different back than other guys. I said this last night, and you think about James Connor style. He's a one cut downhill guy, and you look at Jalen Samuels. He's he's definitely not as fast as Connor is. He definitely likes to work in space. But then he smells a punisher, man. Have you seen any of the highlights himalayans? Yes. Aw, run. I believe he carried a couple of guys in Izzo got hit. I contact..

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