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Did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. Also left behind helicopters tens of thousands of vehicles and almost a million infantry weapons the military insisting they disabled more than seventy aircraft abandoned at the airport in kabul. Here's abc news senior pentagon reporter. Louis martinez what the united states did here was. They insured that they would be inoperable so that the taliban cannot use them. That's not the case with the american equipment that was supplied to the afghan military. Lots of that has now gone into taliban hands. Some of it may not work. Parts of it will particularly the vehicles there are tens of thousands of humvees and ford ranger trucks are provided to the afghan military over the last two decades. Arriving back home this week the remains of those thirteen. Us servicemembers killed in the suicide explosion. Outside kabul airport were crowds of afghans. Were desperate to leave the country here again. Abc's martha raddatz president biden and the first lady dressed in black for his first dignified transfer as president. These young courageous americans placing themselves in grave. Danger at the abbey gate of kabul's airport to protect american citizens and afghans trying to evacuate marineland corporal. David espinosa just twenty years old marine sergeant nicole g. twenty three years old days before her death. She was featured cradling. An afghan baby at the kabul airport writing on instagram. I love my job. Marine staff sergeant. Darren taylor hoover from salt lake city. His father calling him. One heck of a leader. Army staff sergeant ryan nas marine corporal hunter lopez marine lance corporal riley mccollum of jackson wyoming was just weeks away from becoming a father marine lance corporal dylan merola marine lance corporal kareem nicoli from nor co california. His father saying he did not hesitate to be called to duty marine corporal. Deacon william tyler page marine sergeant. Joe juhani rosario picado marine corporal umberto sanchez marine lance corporal. Jared schmitz navy. Cormon maxed in soviak. His father told a reporter that in the last face time with their son when his mother told him to be safe he said. Don't worry mom my guys got me. They won't let anything happen to me. She realized that they all just went together anew. Abc news washington post poll shows. President biden's exit strategy from afghanistan is costing him support abc. Stephanie ramos has more from the white house the latest. Abc news washington post poll shows the president's approval rating has fallen to forty four percent down. Six percentage points since our poll and late jill when he was at fifty percent those poor approval ratings reflect the broad disapproval over the president's handling of the withdrawal from afghanistan even as seventy seven percent support ending the war. Sixty percent disapprove of the president's handling of it. it's clear that the law violates roe versus wade and there's not really any dispute about it. Abc news contributor and cardozo law professor. Kate shaw on a controversial five to four supreme court ruling this week justices voting against suspending sweeping new abortion law in texas as it faces legal challenges the law bans most abortions after six weeks in. It's triggering debate with very few exceptions. The new texas law provides for civil sanctions against anyone who facilitates abortion after six weeks at a rally in edinburgh texas soul garcia said. Most people don't even know they're pregnant at six weeks. You're not going to ban abortion you're going to ban safe abortion but chelsea howell garcia of texas young republicans argues. That is your body but you have another living being inside of you. A quinnipiac poll of texans in june showed that fifty eight percent support the roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion jim ryan. Abc news dallas doctors and advocates in texas say abortions in the state have all but stopped. Abc's rachel scott planned parenthood center in. Houston doctor kumar normally performs between twenty to thirty abortions day but since the new law. He's only seen six patients and had determine half of them away. I saw somebody who thought she was earlier. In the pregnancy she was crying and we began to explore options and things through the logistics of if she would be able to go out and steve kerr that she needed the new law bans abortions after about the sixth week of pregnancy. Before most women even know they're pregnant. In fact abortion rights activists tell us nearly ninety percent of women seeking abortions. Here are past their six week. Part of what makes this law. So unique is that a deputises private citizens to sue anyone who aids and embeds and unlawful abortion from doctors who perform them to drivers who take women to the clinic though citizens could then collect bounty of at least ten thousand dollars. Supreme court refused to put the law on old as legal challenges work their way through the system. Even though the justices found serious questions about its constitutionality five conservative justices voted to let it go forward anyway saying there are complex and novel procedural reasons for why could not be blocked at the stage four justices including conservative chief. Justice john roberts dissenting justice. sonia soda. My your calling the majority's decision. Stunning calling the law flagrantly unconstitutional now most women seeking abortions in texas are forced to travel to other states neighboring. Oklahoma usually scheduled appointments for fifteen women day since the law in texas. that number has more than doubled. The law allows private citizens to sue abortion providers. And anyone else who helps a woman and pregnancy president biden friday it sort of creates a vigilante system where people get rewards go out to and it just seems in other sounds ridiculous almost unamerican and al other red states about to jump on the bandwagon more from abc news senior. National correspondent terry moran deputising private citizens. It makes enforcement a matter of private lawsuits and right away. That clever innovation has been picked up governor onto sandison republican legislators and florida's saying they plan to introduce laws also in arkansas missouri. Mississippi slowly basically eliminating the right to choose an abortion across the country in the coming months hiring in the us slowed last month economist. Diane swonk twits really hard. Is it's occurring at the time when we've seen millions of people that are going to lose expansions and supplements unemployment insurance on september. Six and conditions will likely get worse before they get better because we have the collusion of both covert and climate change with hurricane ida and the disruptions is causing across the country. President biden friday acknowledged. The august jobs. Report was disappointing to see a larger number today. And so did i. The nation attitude hundred and thirty five thousand jobs in august far fewer than what economists were projecting. The president said there was quote. No question that the delta variant and a surgeon kobe nineteen cases is a reason why the august report was not stronger. He said next week allowed his administration's next steps to combat the delta variant and address americans fears and concerns karen travers. Abc news washington as americans hop into cars and planes for the long labor day weekend. Federal health officials are urging them to reconsider going anywhere at all. Dr yvonne maldonado. We're seeing a really big surge. In delta variant cases driven primarily by unvaccinated people and the cdc and others really wanna make sure that even vaccinated individuals are very careful about not getting infected this week. Three hundred children were hospitalized with cova every day. Cdc director doctor rochelle wolinsky with the numbers are seven day. Average is about one hundred forty nine thousand cases per day and the seven day average of hospital admissions is about twelve thousand per day are seven day. Average daily deaths has.

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