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Which i find your correct my my blog was titled or the patriots the hottest team nfl his at which i broke down like bone structure everything was like your most like user as your opens your magnum opus it was like and i guess i got the headline wrong because he was like oh i can't find it where is it and lake who've that they the chaudhry's on of that and i was like oh no oh you were seeking early if you think i give that much we alan on her by like a single thing it exists i wrote it you're gonna have to find on your of me i do not care about your appropriate opinion of me cry i was added i join this i now very much regret it but see i i'll join on i'll i mean i'm i'm i'm in the centre of these fights very often my but i will gladly be the guy who like jumps on the fucking dog piles sucker punches someone to on the internet i have no problem be in that guy saw auden dive in in with natalie wiener too this so i guess it all stems from like cohen this girl hot pretty i don't even know two terms were i don't care what they were recalled beautiful your are hobby go gorgeous it was a it's a flattering term it's something that's been done forever by every website upper there's people who are in the public eye because they play college sports pro sports whatever it may be if they're attractive that will be mentioned it's a flattering thing it's a nice thing uh she actually ended up d a d m and keith being like hey do you might taken the post down because i don't want the ncaa getting pissed so keith took it down because that's what we do here we post girls we've been posting girls whether they're public whether they're smoke shows whether public they're not asked when their public would your division one athlete at a beijing school you're not acid epa at unofficial team website as you said the pictures were like stock closed on the website put out there for public consumption we are going to see them we are going to respond to them that's how the fucking world of of sports and media works but that's that different if you try lump and it was smoke shows.

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