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Year old Batavia girl is being treated at Lurie children's hospital for a rare disorder that left her partially paralyzed and virtually unable to breathe Dovid BBN's. Bob Roberts has spoken with girls intensive care doctor. He joins us now with the anchor desk with the latest, Bob. Well, Bob at first. Julia Payne appeared to have a common fairly case of cold. And flu like symptoms the same as her three older sisters. But then says, I see you doctor Marcelo Melo, Cody her symptoms quickly turn for the worst weakness and trouble, greedy. And that's when we had to intervene in support her breeding later this despite what Dr mellow Cudi said was early diagnosis of the rare virus donors acute flaccid Maya litis after four touching go week. She moves in the morning to the Shirley Ryan ability lab for six to eight weeks of intensive rehabilitation, but a hospital spokesperson says full recovery could take several years with weakness returning much like polio later in life live at the anchor desk. Bob Roberts, News Radio on one L five point nine FM. Scotto alderman says he is disappointed, but new surveillance video did not give Gago police. Additional evidence hunt for northside killer. The latest from WBZ B M's Keith Johnson. Sometimes is automobile more thought Loyola park. Surveillance cameras would capture. A new images of the man who killed twenty four year old Alaya who Moskowitz in Seventy-three-year-old Douglass Watson, thirty six hours. Apart cameras did not capture his image. Ottoman more labeled it as a setback Chicago police here, the cameras and loyal apartment pointed in the wrong direction. Police have already released surveillance evidence from private cameras near the scene of the watch murder. Keith Johnson NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Google is announcing a new line of products, and you can see them I in Chicago, Google's new line of products will be previewed at a pop up store in buck town, it will be called Google hardware, and we'll open October eighteenth taken down December thirty first the Google story will be on Damon Chicago in New York City are the two sites to have a shop where in Google's words products will be offered in a fully Google made experiential space, Chris Kreider L NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time ten eight..

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