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Welcome to examining politics every week we bring you main street meets the beltway with selena zito a partnership with sirius xm radio now here's selena sirius xm's podesta's together with the washington examiner presents mainstreet meets the beltway everyone's life has a story and i believe that every story should have the ability to be told assure that brings the stories of everyday americans to washington dc i have put in total in the past twelve years three hundred thousand miles on my fourteen year old jeep liberty people have the most amazing wives now from point park university in pittsburgh here's your host selena zito hey guys welcome back to mainstream meets melt way i'm selena zito reporter and columnist for the washington examiner you can tweet me anytime during the show selena zito sa l e n a z i t o with me now is the chief of education and visitor services at apple matic's courthouse in appa matic's virginia is at the town proper there or is it called appa matic's courthouse virginia visit today the modern town of app matic's is just called up matic but in the eighteen hundreds it was pretty common in virginia especially southern central virginia that the little towns that contain the courthouse the county seat they were called the towns were recalled courthouses so the village where this render occurred is apple matic's courthouse and that's the name of the national park unit now but three miles down the road is the modern town of apple matic's they dropped the courthouse after the civil war just just apple matic's now.

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