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Local at twelve thirty. I'm Liz Warner yesterday was election day that parcel, tax designed to generate millions of dollars for the L. A U, S D measure, ee was defeated it needed to thirds majority, which it didn't get losing fifty four percent to forty six percent, the Los Angeles area chamber of commerce, led the opposition to the measure, contending. There was no guarantee that the money, raised by the measure would go toward reducing classroom size or funding, nurses, and librarians in schools. President Trump is continuing his trip to the UK along with celebration of d day festivities on good morning Britain TV today. He was asked in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting last Friday. If he felt that silencers should be banned. Would you like to see those back? Well, I'd like to think about it. I mean nobody's talked about silencers very much. I did talk about the bump stock, and we headed band, and we're looking at that seriously. Look at it. I don't love the idea of it. I don't like the idea. What's happening is crazy. The leader of a Mexico based church that boasts more than one million members worldwide could appear in LA courtroom as early as this afternoon on charges of lewd acts with minors and possession of child. Pornography Joaquin Garcia was arrested at LAX Monday and charge yesterday by the state attorney general's office, a spokesman says the church categorically denies all the allegations, a person has been killed in a crash reportedly involving a wrong way. Motorist on the northbound lanes of the Seventy-three tollway at campus drive in Newport Beach. According to California Highway Patrol talk radio seven ninety KABC dodger shutout Arizona. They play again today in the angels, lost to Oakland Felix starts for them again today that sports on seven hundred.

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