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They were able to stop T. U. S. D. from approving their new sex said trans gender curriculum and they make it happen the organizer those fears Fernando called the show interviews up again as T. dot com. it is exactly right and that's the problem welcome to the program Nick Apollo is with us in about half an hour just going to check in with him and see see what's on his mind you know I don't know what he he follows politics but I don't know if he follows it like we follow it you think he falls a pretty close if any does the daily show. and so I think he has to follow it but you know it's not but he's but he remains funny so he must not be in it like we are because I know he loves the country and only lucky guy you know and if you love the country and you follow it every day don't you all want to hang yourself everyday thank you got a like. don't think I can do another day's Hampton it is tempting it is tempting suicides are up it might be because we are all paying attention to what people are doing in Washington. this Pat is here from the Pat gray radio roundup otherwise known as Pat great on least want point of personal privilege key him his okay thank you yeah pad is the host of that podcast which you can hear live as he records it every morning right before this one or you can download it at your discretion and you can find that wherever you get podcast or on blaze TV dot com Pat yes let's talk about the craziness in Philadelphia yeah of Philadelphia's acting police commissioner and the people are calling for her to resign because twenty five years ago. she wore a tee shirt. yeah the D. N. but your teacher here's what the teacher said already yeah yeah she's a police commissioner of police commissioner in Philadelphia right if you were a teacher and and it said LAPD we treat you like a king. or so that's not funny at all. not nobody at all no and Rodney yeah yes all I never.

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