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Two thousand nineteen the goalie can we get on continues Jason fits Michael a junior and their packages coming to a close in just mere minutes we are fifteen minutes away from the close of the opportunity and this this is epic the opportunity to watch a Knicks game was Steven a less than fifteen minutes remaining on that early in forty five I mean I'm forty five and about to watch Stephen a just losing his mind in the middle of the next game I mean this is rice a stupid name is such a force think about that the show you normally here now the Democrats are sure was too got Stephen as such a force that normally when he is exploding into one of those takes visual cuts away to him right that is how much he matters around these parts for your chance to do that was even a really cool experience and you can also be a first take producer for a for a day another opportunity to work in and around the community of Stephen A. and and in that process to get this out of the producers and show team on of ESPN's first take at the South Street seaport studios you get to be behind the scenes you sit in on the show planning meetings and the live broadcast any get stick for on the set was even a Max Kellerman Malik so incredible opportunity that one also ends in under fifteen minutes the current betting on that is three thousand five hundred fifty Bucks and the pics are two or which all child to me is just a static about that one child dole's like I I've been there are few sure bets in the world then a Pixar film yeah right like when that comes out I just needed okay well there's some of my time and money going towards that movie because they never miss so you get a chance to poke around the inside of the belly of that beast what it what it all we are in the final hour also the letter tarred option experience which again you get to go down to hang out with levels are to get a private meet and greet with Dan and stew you get to go to lunch with the shipping container yeah you got away he came with with the whole family basically they're just going to go out and and see where that that night goes form it's twenty five thousand seven hundred dollars right now is the baby which is incredible remember if we get that up to forty thousand Bucks or thrown in the golden wing Abbas somehow some way so really got an eye on that also a couple items that are going lower than I thought so maybe a bit of a value at this point for all you W. W. E. fans WrestleMania WrestleMania experiences only going for four thousand dollars really a surprise given how rabid of the WrestleMania fan base is that the the two twenty twenty WrestleMania experienced right now you get two tickets to attend WrestleMania Raymond James stadium in Tampa you get access to a V. I. P. pre event reception with the guest appearances from superstars you gonna sign W. W. E. championship title belt your swag bag two nights hotel accommodations and two round trip airfare this is a tax write off and it's only going for four thousand dollars right now so surprised that one is so low and also there's a Dana white UFC earns for ten grand out there that is going to eight needs to balloon up because it's an incredible opportunity talk about again we said everyone around here like we made these packages personal everyone around here super motivated to make sure that their package does well because we know where this money goes to we all care about this Dana white has taken this is so personally what your going to get should you been on and win this package this guy is going out of his way to make sure that your experience is going to be the best most immersive UFC experience possible it's obviously something that is becoming more and more popular as the days go by Dana white takes this very personally is the challenge to him to make sure not only do they raise a ton of money but they also give you the most bang for your Buck of any auction item out there no matter what your interested in there's concert opportunities there's music opportunities or sports opportunities you can go big eBay dot com.

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