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The latest and what could be the last public hearing of the January 6th committee will take place this afternoon. WTO peace Mitchell Miller reports from Capitol Hill. The hearing is expected to include an overview of efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. We have found this was a completely premeditated deliberated attack on our government. Panel member and Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin, who has been examining domestic threats to democracy. The committee also plans to include more information about the Secret Service and concerns related to former president Trump, seeking to come to the capitol even as the rioting was beginning to unfold. The committee will not have live witnesses, but pledges to have more new information. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO news. That hearing is set to begin at 1 o'clock this afternoon and you can watch it live here on WTO dot com. A member of the oath keepers who travel to D.C. before the January 6th attack at the capitol, testified about a massive cache of weapons stashed by the far right extremist group in a Virginia hotel room. Terry Cummings showed drawers and AR-15 rifle and an orange box for an ammunition that he contributed to a so called quick reaction force that the oath keepers had staged at the hotel in Arlington in case they needed weapons that quick reaction force is a central piece of the Justice Department's case against the oath keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and four associates who have been charged with seditious conspiracy in the capitol riots. Multiple reports say a former Mar-a-Lago employee told FBI agents about moving boxes of documents at the Florida resort on the instructions of the former president. The witness reportedly told agents that mister Trump ordered boxes move to his Mar-a-Lago residence back in May after Trump advisers received a subpoena for any classified documents that remained at the resort. The witness's testimony is reportedly backed up by security camera footage, and the former employee is said to be cooperating with DoJ's investigation

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