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Overnight heading into the morning cloudy windy and cold wind chills its lowest five degrees the overnight low twenty two for the rest of your wednesday partly sunny skies it will be windy wind chills down in the teens and snow showers expected during the evening on wednesday the high thirty one veteran forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes traffic and transit on the tubes the mother of a chester county boy who was savagely beaten to death in 2014 has been sentenced two decades behind bars in connection with his death for moral that here's kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert killian tate cents to forty two to ninety four years in prison for her role in the death of three year old scotty mcmillan g actively participated in the murder of her young john chester county prosecutor mike newt's as teat underplay friend gary fella bump beat the threeyearold the death investigators say the couple hung him upside down beat him with homemade a curtain rod in a frying pan the two also beats got his older brother now nine years old that boy wrote a letter which new reddit teeth sentencing he he is he could go back in time so he could call the police or stop it and he ended by saying that now his mother you're going to be in her time out in jail data voided first degree murder and lie from prison when she agreed to testify against bellenbaum he pleaded guilty earlier this year and was sentenced to life plus ten to twenty years in prison at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio the school reform commission we'll be dissolving and that now clears the way for a new sydney school board to manage education in the city of philadelphia was kyw used justin trudeau reports philadelphia mayor jim kenney is looking to change the way the school board is selected right now mayor kenney is the rolling authority when it comes to who gets on the school board charter amendment has the mayor appointing nominating panel and knows people taken all of the applications anybody in philadelphia interested in putting their name forward can go to the nominating panel and they will suggest 27 names to the mayor but on tuesday jays lesser mayor kinney's chief of staff asked city council to make changes to their charter so council can have more oversight in the.

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