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Scene four inches of rain in January that gives us mall surplus soared above normal amount of about two and two thirds inches about another thirty minutes on average it could be some isolated higher totals a with our next event that arrives late this evening western counties and comes through the area overnight tonight little batch of tomorrow afternoon in the evening and then a third batch into Thursday morning but again this is going to be a severe weather event you might hear a crack of thunder as there are as we head through early Thursday morning but all in all and it's it's gonna be cold and just nasty tomorrow high clouds today at fifty forty two tonight forty four tomorrow that's it with wind chills in the upper thirties with the south wind gusting to twenty so just a lousy day and then everything will start to shift east of the Thursday afternoon as the sun will come out briefly before sunset mid fifties for Thursday mid to upper fifties Friday and then we'll have our near sixty Saturday and Sunday with more clouds and sun on Sunday with the sprinkler to possible not a big deal about right now we warmed up a little bit still cool though forty one at their LD more reporters covering the news that matters to you we are newsradio ten eighty KRLD good morning thanks for joining us it's nine twenty one and over sixty percent of mortgage applicants are homeowners looking to refinance at CBS business analyst Jill Schlesinger tells CBS this morning taking advantage of these low rates could help home no homeowners cut costs obviously rates are lower and so if you've got a higher rate than that three point six five percent did that might sort of pique your interest but as you know every single deal when it comes to a mortgage involves costs and closing costs on a refi can be two to five percent of the loan amount I should also note that we talk about these great rates three point six five percent it's great if you got great credit yeah and usually that means in the mid seven hundred or so so what you want to do is run the numbers see how long it will take you to break even so if your payment goes down how many months you have to be in that house because if you're going to move in a couple years may not.

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