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A shit because he likes to steal then we've got all and james she's like a beautiful ukrainian heroin addict slash model she went in for doing heroin she's got some bad tattoo or what kind of a pretty face he is a former marine has money from chicago his wife left him and then he decided my wife left me i guess they deserve a prisoner he met her she said she was besieged with letters so many people writing her she didn't even know what to do with herself so she found the one decentlooking di though his car these like bug eyes and they are in love going to get married and i thought it was a little bit poor taste he showed up with a big bouquet of flowers and then a um like sexy handcuffs and she's like oh that's kind of rude like really intersect all uses on you and i was like i think that's it's like if you showed up and like you know in orange jumpsuit or something okay so that's that three okay banner pump rules the only signing humam manner pump roles i can't believe in her watching the shell is a la la cruz dating and older guy who was mary but isn't marion anymore she goes out with dj james kennedy another english import and he's a dj and he's got a best friend who's gay and in love with him name logan at a beautiful girl funny who was in a beauty pageant once and they go out to eat and he goes to let's get foc adopt like through the afternoon he's like ordering a bourbon shot all these strings and as our talking lalas says the is do you like my golf fan in lagos yeah i mean she's fine i think she got mad that we at all or pasta and he what do you mean yeah we just eight dollar prosper we didn't ask what we all are pasta.

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