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A lot of drivers my surprise turning corners and attempting stops at intersections those icy roads took the road commission for oakland county by surprise this morning w w j newsradio nine fifty's our hoover joining us live but that part of the story hazara hello jackie craig bryson with the road commission for oakland county says it's almost impossible to sometimes predict that black ice on the roads bryson says especially with that temperature change because we are concerned about the potential for freedom we do have supervisors oak driving the county road all night long looking for watching or as should grow but the supervisors did not see any problems until about five a m this morning and at that point it's very difficult to get you know the fleet in and out on the road quickly enough to respond to the the kind of widescale uh icing we saw occur in a very short period of time and because it took some time for the drivers to commend ended up being an icy commute for drivers this morning price and says they have about twothirds of their fleet out salting the roads reporting lives of her hooper wbjc newsradio nine fifty all right thank his are a major headaches in farmington hills this morning following a pair of water main breaks one of them impacting say hall crews are working on repairing the break near grand river and liberty city manager's office and public safety department are open but the clerking treasurers offices are closed nearby residents won't have water until those rate repairs are complete in warren of water may break has popped up along the eastbound lanes of defender approaching twelve mild the right turnley rain is blocked by that break and getting underway at this hour oral arguments in a class action lawsuit filed by flint residents the lawsuit being heard by a panel of court of appeals judges it's a case it has been ongoing for over two and a half years it's very bizarre situation would stayed on the one hand is charging these dairy a.

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