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Along. I had me some barbecue chips. FUCKED UP TRY GOT WOOK LOOK Like I don't know. I've just had pictured I didn't ask for you know an asked to have this imagination. Okay unintentionally pictured. This taking place the trapped in the closet fashion. Woke me. I don't feel bad for Robert Getting his ass beat in the pokey for a number of reasons a he's a piece of shit be he's fine. NC A lot of what I've heard about. You know friends allies of his and what they have been trying to threaten intimidate witnesses and stuff like. If, you got an uppercut or to a right hook around house kick and the medic says that you'll live. Square truck? Yeah, like this is the bare minimum of what you deserved. Actually love that this happened I don't care if that makes me a bad person 'cause. I was just the idea that somebody would take time out of their day to advocate on behalf of our Kelly for free it's just not something. Is Not making sense to me and then the people who have the unfortunate of being in the same. Like I don't even know block or whatever as you having to constantly be on lockdown extras, security and all that Shit 'cause you gotta you gotta go. I don't know where else up on and around from me. We already locked up like don't make this worse experience than it has to be. Well good luck and no. Good luck. Can't they was talking? I was thinking Lexa, the inmates that just WANNA do. Some bench presses or whatever. Keri Hilson had an interview on. Claudia Jordan's zoom series. And she. discussed a number of things. Most of it was sort of capsule capsules discussion about. Mental Health. Dealing with the president and stuff in the wake of corona virus in finding ways to the peace and whatnot, but she also. PRATIK handley disguised The whole beyond say distract distracting thing. How was essentially threatened by her label is John and Emma Gas. Threatened by her label to like suffer career consequences had she not recorded this beyond say this and that you know she would do things differently and you know the industry so fucked up and it almost sounds like at the end she just Kinda wasn't even sure to wanted to come back to me. This is not she's like if she has the fights left in her fight comes back at some point and she would. I guess. Get back into the game or.

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