Psoriasis, Myelin Sheath, Crohn's Disease discussed on The Body of Knowledge - 1.3 Powerful Prevention [Jack Osbourne]


That stretch is in picked up by those muscle spindles they sent stretch and respond by causing contraction interesting you ever wonder why doctors do that her normal physical they're looking to see if you're spinalcord nerves as'mer functioning correctly and it's a very quick diagnostic subject you're very little response on a test them it no it was eight which is still it was just delay yeah right um so as these tests are going on and you kinda put some of the stuff together you can like wondering why yeah you might have n i had no idea what m s i'd hubs he hud of ms but i had no idea of what symptoms though fm fms if you actually look at the list of symptoms for s it's pretty broad fair i mean it's anything and everything from taste issues to vision touch you know the you know walking your leg drop things like that so it's some it's really it's a it's a tough one to die that's why it's a tough disease to diagnose because it gets misdiagnosed jack there are other auto immune diseases in addition to ms yeah sure yeah i mean those i mean psoriasis authorized us all of which actually share a very similar traits to ms i mean psoriasis is you know your skin becomes inflamed and in mean that's essentially what happens to your myelin sheath with ms right now yeah and they all seemed to have the same you flareup rate as rises the same thing and if he talking with it has that or crohn's disease or any of these other issues they realise are they eventually have to figure out what are the situations in scenarios that kick these things on yeah right so old man i got to realize i have to stay away from this food or this type of drinking so that's when you have to gear your lifestyle around the to identify those triggers is what the call them and then get away from them the official and that's one thing that you've identified really well and have been cleaning up the last couple of years my wife has their may traffic psoriasis and the thing with hers that like she will do.

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