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As a result of last week's full of war Tech's suspended services several days due to the extreme temperatures. The South Carolina says it recognizes the straight and inconvenience that suspended service had on commuters. Doug adults in the USA facing the greater risk of developing obesity related cancers at a faster rate, then previous generations, Dr Clifford Hubertus of the American society of Clinical Oncology says the study shows a surprising jump in six types of cancer at adults twenty five to forty nine. This is. Sadly as one might expect as rates of obesity, go up, and they portend a really high risk of public health challenges in the years ahead. Experts say it's possible to buck the trend by eating healthier working out more at an earlier age. President Trump is tapping the interior department acting head to become its permanent secretary David bird hearts than leading interior since Ryan Zinke resigned in December made ethics investigations he was deputy before. Then and President Trump says burn hearts done a fantastic job from the day. He arrived Bernhardt also was a lawyer and lobbyist for oil and gas companies and other interests with regulatory matters before the department while Republicans say that experience makes him and informed. Regulator Democrats in environmental groups say it leaves him vulnerable to conflicts of interest saga megani at the White House. Pope Francis condemning all violence committed in God's name is he discusses religion with interfaith leaders in Abu Dhabi told. An interfaith meeting in the first people visit to the Arabian peninsula that religious leaders must be beacons of peace and promote the dignity all God's children. He warns unless people of different religions come together to promote concrete paths of peace. The feature of humanity itself will be in doubt at the same time Human Rights Watch is urging France to use his visit to the UAE to press its rulers about serious human rights violations in the wool in Yemen. And the repression of critics at home, I'm Charles Ledesma, a bloodline Super Bowl commercial about corn syrup did not go over. Well. With corn gory. Add very dramatically touted that one ingredient corn syrup assistant livered. Let's not ours. We don't move. I'd like with corn syrup and it mocked the competitors. Miller lite uses corn syrup to be clear. We brew Coors light with corn syrup. The national corn Growers Association is not happy saying corn. Farmers disagree. Sweeteners and starches can be used in fermenting beers even. Little remains in the end product, Bud Light uses rice instead of corn syrup twelve ounce. Cans of Bud Light and Miller lite list zero grams of sugar while Coors light list. One gram Bud Light says different recipes create different flavors and consumers need to decide. What beer is right for them. I'm Ed Donahue, WBZ news time seven fifty three market. News stylized lounge presents an evening progressive..

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