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Gallagher. It'll be up to Donald Trump to appropriately address the lie the vicious lie that Joe Biden is perpetuating with his campaign announcement today, the Donald Trump shocked the world by saying there were fine people on both sides. Yeah, you're a liar. And you know, people are afraid to stand up for this because they don't want to be portrayed as a big at. Nobody likes to be called a bigot. But this makes me so angry the biggest fear. I had was the Joe Biden was going to be reasonable. He's not he's going to be just as crazy as the rest of let's start with Howard on the Mike Gallagher show Twenty-three past the player in a privilege. Thanks howard. Appreciate that very much. I have a letter. I have a letter that was written by great Vikram grandfather to his mother from the battlefield and chances fill that will tell you the heart of the south in what it was all about. Eighteen eighteen sixty three mother. I send you the porkers of the Yankee general some Coahuila fought the fight before this conflict in. I found him on the battlefield Virginia. Quote. Farewell mother I have less freedom calls. I must've been in embattled Paris trust in heaven. By country calls shall I refuse to lend a helping hand? No as long as I will fight for southern land. These people for the last two years, they gate mine car family, heritage and make me into some kind of evil person for severe even your evil because where because you're a southerner because because of of your geography because you you want to honor your family because you don't want to disparage the people who fought for what they thought at the time was the right thing. I mean to denigrate this happens all the time. What do you think Hollywood does every day southerners are just a bunch of toothless barefoot people without any running water? It's the biggest joke in Hollywood, you can denigrate Christians, you can denigrate southerners and no-one supposed to push back. The difference is and what Biden's gonna find out this guy. Donald Trump's gonna push back. Unlike the mitt Romney's of the world who have sappy smile on their face, and they wouldn't say, you know, what if they had a mouthful that'll. Trump will have no problem taking job out Biden down a few a few pegs over this. In fact, would have the clip that that Lance you've been you you just shared. We have that paths. Here's Donald Trump addressing the lie that he said, they were fine, Nazis in Charlottesville. You're changing history, you're changing culture, and you had people, and I'm not talking about the Neo Nazis, and the white nationalist because they should be condemned totally, but you had many people in that group other than Neo, Nazis and white nationalist. Okay. And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly now in the other group. Also, you had some fine people. But you also had troublemakers and you see them come with with the blackout fits and with the helmet. And with the baseball, bats. That that's the president clarifying and explaining it. And you know, here he is nobody points out. He actually has condemned the Neo Nazis. Joe Biden is perpetuating the light. Listen, President Trump's going to be in good shape with this. This is the row Joe Biden is going to go. I absolutely like Trump's chances John you're next up. How you doing John? Yes. Mike, listen. I don't think that people reading him probably. This is the old Biden of years ago, even even eight years ago, he is h considerably since then. I think that's one of the reasons why he did the video he's capable standing up there and making an announcement then taking questions from the crowd. Listen, I I absolutely revere and respect senior citizens. I know how many contributions seniors many many cases continue to make to this day. We've never had a president who will be in his eighties as president now ever now. Whether that's going to be a factor. Not we're going to have to wait and see I believe that you have your your position has some merit. Hey, we've created a unique way for you. To learn how to understand Christianity. And Judaism, we want to invite.

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