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Dodgers but Mickey mantle had a home run hi guys always twenty twenty right by the way that line is being used so much twenty twenty vision hide that is twenty twenty as we enter the year twenty twenty but you had to look back and you recognize all the greats who were playing at the same time I was pretty amazing Larson by the way was MVP of the eighteen fifty six World Series it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four two two seven also on Twitter a law radio as well as on our Facebook page we will have it a lot when we get to the top of the hour did you thank maybe not the conversation that you might expect with someone who works the sports gambling industry what interesting I know it's gonna be interesting because of how much the industry is changing how much it affects not just sports broadcasters sports broadcasting the money the revenue but also fans so we'll do that following the update about twenty minutes from now please continue to pour in for David stern but before I let you hear from some of the others who are remembering him we pulled some of the clips from his own hall of fame speech going back to two thousand fourteen he was inducted in Springfield Massachusetts and as much as he was a leader and a visionary and a brilliant marketing strategist and someone who changed the NBA for the better he was also a giant fan and remember he took over in nineteen eighty four at the time when Michael Jordan was entering the league at a time when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were bringing all the extra interests that rivalry the tools they would have they were trained sending their support and he recognized that you know Larry Bird he was grouchy too as a rookie but he loves this game and he tells us that if you're a great player there's a place for you an hourly as a as a vast store as a coach as a general manager and as a leader and together with magic Larry in magic there forever interwoven they even did you know one of our first music videos together it was increase you know it's kind of interesting right I'm gonna I save it I'm going to I'm gonna do it it was it was incredible and and to me he's here representing what it was to have greatness what it was to have a competition I thought when I became commissioner it was a natural thing that you did you went from LA the Boston and back to LA again and that's with June was it wasn't always to be the US but it was kind of fun while it lasted he appreciated what those two did for the game but that was who he was he was a fan and he appreciated the the players and the opportunities.

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